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cheap email marketingIt’s easy to sell email marketing these days, as it has constantly proven itself to be one of the most effective channels for marketing despite its age. However, people rarely tout cheap email marketing as a viable form, even though the concept is perfectly sound and feasible.

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In fact, the lack of a huge financial investment at the start is one of the key strengths of email marketing. If you’ve been wanting to start your own email marketing business but don’t have the budget, here are a few cheap email marketing tips that you might want to list down:

Focus on Growing Your Own List

Technically speaking, a lot of marketers can succeed when they buy cold lists from reputable sellers, but it can be risky when you’re just starting out even if you discount the cost of the list itself (the going rate as of writing is 100,000 email addresses for a hundred dollars at the cheapest). You have to factor in a couple of other things, such as

1. Lack of Permission/Relationship – even if the owners of the email addresses explicitly gave their permission to the broker of the list, they have no prior relationship with your company and might not consider their permission as transferable (really, just put yourself in the shoes of the email address owner and see what happens.) Sending emails to a purchased list treads dangerously along the lines that separate marketing from spamming.

2. Quality of Data – this might not be a problem with a reputable broker, but majority of people selling lists have harvested the email addresses via dubious means, such as fake online competitions or surveys. Email addresses gathered from this method is useless, and you may as well just randomly copy email addresses from all over the net.

Design Your Newsletters Around Mobile Devices

Creating a mobile and desktop versions of your email is time consuming (time costs money, remember?) but wholly unnecessary. It’s true that mails optimized for desktop viewing will be problematic on mobile devices, but not the other way around. Mails designed for mobile viewing will display fine on desktop PCs. In fact, desktop users might appreciate the emails that load fast on their PCs and are easily readable without the need for scrolling.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing Services’ Free Trial Periods

Lastly, you have to understand that there is a need to invest in an email marketing service. You can get by with free services, but if you are really serious about making a profit with email marketing, you’re eventually going to outgrow these free services, and migrating to a paid one will be troublesome and may cost you a lot more time and money than if you just started with paid plans.

Thankfully, all the decent email marketing service providers are confident enough in their service that they offer free packages, whether it’s full featured free trial periods or unlimited free plans that have sending limits. If you’re still testing the waters or haven’t grown your business profitable enough to invest in an email marketing tool, you should check out some of the paid providers’ free plans. That way, even if you outgrow the free service, moving to a paid plan will be seamless.

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