Common List Manager Mistakes That Disrupt Customer-Centric Marketing

Wrong WayMarketing by default is customer-centric. To forget that simple fact is to ensure the failure of your campaigns. Any marketer worth his weight in gold knows this, but somehow there are times when even seasoned marketers commit mistakes that disrupt customer-centric marketing. If you don’t want your campaigns to fail because of these critical mistakes, you need to avoid the following:

Focusing Too Much on Input Instead of Output

You can see this all the time from teams that want to impress their boss so much based on lowering costs per contact. It seems like a good idea at first – they’re lowering expenses, but as mentioned above, it disrupts customer-centricity and creates a lack of relevance. Instead, marketers should be looking for ways to maximize ROI. The truth is that there are cases where increasing costs per contact actually causes a lift in sales, which means an increase in ROI.

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Prioritizing Potential Customers Over Existing Ones

It’s true that marketing should always make it a point to bring in new customers. However, it shouldn’t be at the cost of neglecting existing ones. These days, big data and the ability to leverage it for targeting new customers gets marketers so excited that they forget all about building relationships with existing customers, as they go all out in targeting customers that they could potentially have.

Using the Wrong Channel

This is not an old problem by any means, but the rise of digital marketers has made it prevalent, due to the fact that the Internet is so powerful that it has a tendency to make people forget that there are other channels available to them. Marketers should remember that not everything should be digital, and that there are customers who prefer to be reached through some other means, like TV or direct mail. Never forget that marketing is all about reaching out to people in the way they prefer to be reached.

Getting the Wrong Data from the Wrong Insights

It’s not enough to simply have access to data. Agencies should also know what to do with it. Many times, they use demographic data exclusively when individual customer data is readily available and could have led to more effective and smarter targeting of customers.

Rewarding the Wrong Things

Sometimes the fault lies in the agency, particularly in cases where they don’t reward customer-centric marketing. For example, there are cases where agencies reward the achievement of increasing the number of impressions, so agents try their best to maximize impressions without even bothering to consider if they are getting the right impressions or the right kind of customers. It is important for agencies to always consider rewarding measures that put the customer at the center, in order to avoid accidentally training agents into neglecting customer-centric marketing.

At the end of the day, marketers should learn what the true lifeblood of any business is. Avoid being too focused on various numbers, metrics, and data that you’ll forget what they really represent and what you should really be nurturing: the customers.


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