Email Booboos and How Emercury Can Help

It’s common practice among email marketers to test everything before they send out a new batch of emails. But we’re all humans and mistakes do happen sometimes – in some cases, it is the test email that actually causes a few email boo-boos. For instance, simply sending out a test message containing the subject line “test” and a picture of a puppy could lead to embarrassment if you mistakenly sent it out to the actual list. Emercury understands these cases and provides a few ways that will help you rectify any booboos you make without any harm to your business.

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First, Find Out Who Received the Wrong Email

First thing you need to do is find out exactly which users received the wrong email. Emercury offers a wealth of tracking and reporting tools that will make this a fairly straightforward process. The important thing to do is avoid sending out an apology email to everyone, as that would only draw attention to your mistake and tarnish your reputation unnecessarily.

Admit Your Mistake

When you finally have a list of people who need to be sent an apology email, it’s time to fess up. Admit your mistake and be truthful about it. People understand that we’re all human and can make honest mistakes, so simply fessing up is enough and may actually endear you to users, as it makes them feel like they’re in the hands of a person instead of a script or a team of nondescript employees. No matter what you do, don’t try to concoct a fake story designed to save face, because people won’t believe and you’re not going to achieve anything except insult their intelligence.

Maintain the Human Element

This is important, as it ensures that your apology comes off as sincere. Be sure to send your apology email from a personal company email address, and write as if you’re the person who committed the boo boo instead of a representative of a company (truth be told, a company would probably disassociate themselves from people who made a big mistake, so fessing up personally actually helps your company’s image a bit.) You can still use an on-brand voice, but make it a little bit personal instead of using the so-called “corporate voice.”

Lastly, Don’t Take Advantage

Lately, there’s been a rise in the number of “oops, we made a mistake” emails from companies followed by an apology email with special offers or blatant promotional material. Don’t do this. Especially now, as users have already found it suspicious and surmised that companies are now just using staged mistakes as a marketing trick. Just apologize, and leave the marketing for the next official newsletter.

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