Email Marketing Affiliate Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Email Marketing Affiliate Mistakes You Need to AvoidIt’s understandable that an email marketing affiliate will start with only one thing in mind: make money. After all, earning a profit is the main purpose of affiliate marketing. However, most novice email marketing affiliates have a tendency to run in every direction trying to make as much money as possible, without even realizing that they are committing mistakes that are actually hurting their bottom line. If you want to maximize your ROI as an email marketing affiliate, you need to keep the following mistakes in mind so that you’ll learn how to avoid committing them:

Prioritizing the Act of Selling Over the Act of Helping

It’s a fairly easy mistake to make, mainly because the primary goal is to make a profit and the fact that the word “marketing” is part of the description. However, you actually have a tendency to scare away a potential customer if you focus too much on selling.

Do not forget that it’s not your job as an affiliate to sell the product or service – that’s the job of the sales pages. Your job is to help your readers, through content that you provide in your email, convince themselves into clicking that link and buying whatever it is you are selling. And frankly, peppering your email with “BUY NOW!” links and enticing them with various shorthand pitches will not help them understand why they need to buy.

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Meet them halfway. Try to address any problem they have that relates to the product you are selling. You don’t have to make it look like you’re doing it just for the sake of helping, as very few people will believe you, but you can make them understand that you can both benefit from the product.

Biting Off Much More Than You Can Chew

This is a common problem if you’re new, as the promise of earning can make you really excited at the possibilities, so you end up joining any and every affiliate program that you come across. This is bad for a couple of reasons: first is that not every affiliate program is worth your time or suits your niche. Second, is the fact that the amount of time you spend on the poor performing programs will eat up time that you could be spending on affiliates that are worth it. Do not spread yourself too thin, pick programs that do well and cultivate them, instead of trying to build way too many streams of income.

Not Testing

There’s way too many factors involved that it’s foolish not to test before sending an e-mail. Proofread your text to ensure that there’s no embarrassing typos or grammar errors that crept up while you were typing, check if every link is working (because it’s going to be a huge waste of time, effort, and money if your links don’t send people to the right place), and check whether your email displays correctly when sent.

Don’t Make False Claims

This should be taught to every single marketer out there. Don’t treat your customers like idiots, especially in this day and age when people consumers are starting to smarten up, due to the availability of information (which is quite literally at their fingertips nowadays). Be sincere with your pitches, and don’t try to prop up your product with ridiculous claims. Not only will you lose a lot of customers and potential sales, you’re also giving every single email marketing affiliate out there a bad name. It’s always best to just be honest about the benefits of the product you are selling, and you can even provide your own opinion as to why it’s so awesome. As long as you don’t try to trick people.


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