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CTAs or Call-To-Actions are arguably the most important part of any marketing campaign, as it is one of the final barriers between a sales pitch and profit. Once a customer goes through that door – by doing what you ask for in a CTA – it’s pretty much considered money in the bank (unless you made the mistake of putting the CTA at the wrong place instead of near the end of the sales funnel.)

However, not all CTAs are created equal. Especially in marketing. People have already grown cynical and will no longer believe CTAs that smell the slightest bit canned or generic. If you want CTAs that work and customers that convert, you need to take advantage of Emercury’s system for dynamic content. Here are a few ways Emercury can help you with dynamic content:

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Promote Different Offers to Different People Based on Their Interests

Any savvy marketer has probably already segmented their audience based on interests and preferences. Now think of it this way: why should customers A, B and C all receive offers that will only be of interest to customer B? Customer A and C should also get offers relevant to their interests. With dynamic content, you’ll no longer worry about sending irrelevant offers to your customers.

Provide Different Content to People in Different Stages of the Sales Funnel

Segmentation isn’t all about people and their interests. People will also differ depending on how far along they are on the sales funnel. For instance, a person who is on the evaluation stage will not respond to the same things as a person who is already on the purchase stage. One needs content that is designed to convince while one needs content that is designed to make the process easier, as well as content that make him likely to come back.

Provide Different Offers to Customers Who Have Already Converted

There’s no sense sending an offer to a customer if he has already signed up for it, right? At best it’s going to get ignored. At worst, the customer could be annoyed and might mark it as spam. With dynamic content you can send only offers that they haven’t seen or signed up for yet.

Customize the Content of the Same Offer In Order to Make Them Relevant to Different People

Sometimes different customers don’t need different offers. Rather, they all need the same offer presented in different ways. While there are people who respond better to technical terms and jargon, there are people who prefer casual wordings or even slang. Or people who respond well to humor might not appreciate straightforward serious copy full of statistics. With Emercury’s dynamic content, you can send different versions of the same offer to people who will appreciate them,

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