Emercury Tips for List Owners and List Managers

List owners and list managers, by virtue of being the person in charge (or being the sole person in charge, as with most cases) are usually seen as always on top of things and being knowledgeable on what to do, and when to do them. However, Emercury understands that sometimes there are things that list owners miss out on, particularly with regard to optimizing their campaigns and strategies. Here are some useful tips that list managers and owners may find useful:

Take Advantage of Social Media

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A few years ago, social media was hardly considered viable, owing to the fact that there are only a number of networks available, and their users are mostly teenagers. Now, there’s a social network for every target demographic and big ones like Facebook and Twitter are so popular that they sometimes beat search engines when it comes to marketing efficiency.

If you’re running a list, it would be foolish not to create a social networking account and tie it to your campaign. Just make sure you pick the right social network for your niche, as certain networks cater to specific interests. For instance, if your list is all about celebrity gossips or videogame news, it might not go over well on the corporate and professional work-oriented LinkedIn.

Be Diverse

You can’t rely on a single channel for promotion. Even if your current one is working so well, finding another promotional venue that works well is always welcome. This means you shouldn’t rely solely on one social networking site for your tie-ins and don’t ever rely on a single medium. Take advantage of video content or images. Businesses that fail to be diverse on the digital age will be eating the dust of more agile and adaptable competitors.

Take Advantage of Visuals

If the sheer popularity of list-based content has not made it obvious to you yet, people these days are less interested in reading walls of text and will gravitate more towards small chunks of text with images that serve as visual aid. This is a trend that will not likely fade anytime soon, so learn how to incorporate the same style in your newsletters.

Traditional text based content will not go away, ever. But incorporating images will remain beneficial to any marketing campaign as the market has been conditioned to appreciate visual cues on the Internet.

Lastly, Don’t Ignore Mobile

These days, there are more mobile users surfing the Internet than there are desktop PCs. It’s not wise to tailor your campaigns exclusively for desktop users as you’re making your campaigns unfriendly to a significant portion of the market. Make sure your newsletters look right on mobile phones and prioritize them over desktop users, for one very simple reason: desktop PCs can display mobile content fine, but not vice versa.

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