Examples of Brilliant Email Marketing

MailboxDespite its age and the appearance of other communication platforms, email is still one of the most efficient and effective channels for marketing. However, the industry is competitive and the consumers have become wise to outmoded marketing strategies so you need to be a little bit more creative if you want to stand above the rest. Here are some examples of brilliant email marketing strategies that you can emulate for your own business:

Use Witty Subject Lines and Preview Text

It’s not a secret that the users these days prefer content that is witty and entertaining, particularly those that manage to pique their curiosities. Buzzfeed takes this idea and runs with it on their newsletters. Now, anyone who is familiar with Buzzfeed knows that they traffic mostly in pop trivia and humor – it is these same qualities that are reflected in their newsletters. They make sure that the subject line and the preview text alone contain enough punchy wit to catch people’s attention, which in turn leads to a higher open and clickthrough rate.

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Build a Persona Around the Email

One great example of this approach to email marketing is BrainPickings.org. The site is known for catering to avid readers, whether it’s classic literature or highbrow pop culture. Their newsletters reflect this fact, as the emails are chock full of text that has enough content to stand on its own. Additionally, the newsletters read like they were written personally by a single person whom you know on a first name basis, instead of the usual corporate-like emails businesses send out. This approach makes readers feel comfortable and earns their attention, as opposed to hardselling emails that assault them with jargon and marketing speak, which only makes them resistant and more likely to unsubscribe.

Take Advantage of Mistakes

Emercury has a client who runs a successful online store that carries a wide variety of goods. During one of their testing rounds, they accidentally sent out a test email to a large number of users, the email containing nothing but the subject line “test” and a large picture of a cat. Normally, this would be a PR nightmare as it makes them look amateurish or even worse, might get them flagged for spamming. Most marketers would either keep mum about this and pretend it never happened or might concoct a sob story about getting hacked.

Our client, on the other hand, saw this as an opportunity to make a connection with their users – they immediately followed a witty, humorous apology email owing up to their mistake, while also offering free discounts and offers to the users who received the erroneous email. Brilliant, right? Not only have they caught the attention of a large number of users, they have also established themselves as a sincere, down-to-earth company willing to admit when they made a boo-boo. Additionally, the offers they provided as a “consolation” in their apology email might have netted them a few extra sales or more.

We’re not saying that you should follow suit and stage a test email boo-boo, because consumers are surprisingly smart enough to know when they’re being led around on a leash. The main lesson with this, and with all the other examples above is that you have to deprioritize hardselling and increase the creativity: put yourself in the position of your readers and try to think of things that will make you go “that’s brilliant.”

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