How Emercury Can Automate Your Email Marketing

Automated systems, by design, are a boon to email marketers. By taking care of mundane, repetitive tasks, email marketers gain more time that are better spent on more important aspects of a campaign. However, balance should be sought. Everything can be automated but going for a fully automated route sacrifices uniqueness and gives your customers the impression that you don’t care enough about them or the business, which means they’re likely to take their business to a competitor that gives them a more personal approach.

This is why Emercury helps its clients automate just the right aspects of the email marketing process, ensuring that unnecessary work is relegated to automation while things that need your personal touch will still be given enough attention. Here are some of the ways that Emercury helps you automate your email marketing:

Campaign Management

Campaign management is a very complex and tedious process that large companies hire entire teams to handle it. For the lone email marketer, Emercury has a team of email campaign managers that will help you from start to finish, in anything from list importing, to list maintenance, and even layout and design. With a team of experienced and highly capable people helping you manage your campaigns, you will be free to focus more on aspects of your business that require your personal touch, such as content creation and customer interaction.

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Email Template Creation

Layout and Graphic design are usually not part of an email marketer’s basic skillset, but these past few years said skills have become a prerequisit, as aesthetics and visual functionality have both become powerful aspects of a marketing email. Even if you already have design and layouting skills, the time you spend actually designing the emails is usually better spent on more critical parts of a campaign. This is where Emercury’s team of designers come in: with our custom email template creation service, you can procure a professionally-designed template that is custom-made for your needs, with the team capable of producing the perfect email template in as little as 72 hours.

Emercury’s custom templates are tested on all major email programs in order to ensure that they will be consistent regardless of the mail reader your subscribers are using, and can be continually used, revised, and sent to your subscribers.

Lastly, Centralized Services and Tools

Bulk email marketing is a competitive industry, which is why many Email service providers help provide their clients with various extra services via referrals to third party providers. Emercury takes it to another level by offering extra services such as list management tools, tracking tools, and designing tools all in one place, so that clients don’t have to go through the hassle of coordinating with various teams and systems. If you’ve interacted with Emercury’s team, you’ll have no trouble coordinating with them on various extra services and automation tools.

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