How Emercury’s Double Opt In Can Help You

The issue of choosing between double opt-in and single opt-in list confirmation is divisive, with supporters on both camps having strong opinions on the matter. The main point of contention is that it’s a matter of volume vs. quality. Ideally, a list should have volume AND quality but the differences between the two force list owners into choosing just one.

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With Emercury, we take the quality of our customers’ lists seriously because it is our reputation as their email service provider at stake. We’re known for encouraging double opt-in lists because bad quality lists – even a small number of them – could ruin the business for every single one of our customers. Entertaining list owners with poor quality lists is bad for our business, so you can understand why we prefer double opt in confirmations.

The main argument for single opt-in lists is it makes it easier for people to subscribe to lists as it removes an extra step from the process. This is in line with one of the principal tenets of newsletter marketing – that you need to make it easier for your customers/clients. However, there are limits. In the case of opt-ins, you shouldn’t make it easier for the customers if it’s at the cost of hurting the business; single opt-ins are conducive to greater bounce rates, blacklisting, spam filter hits, and other problems that will not only hurt your bottom line, but also affect the reputation of the ESP.

Will a Double Opt-In Confirmation Improve Stats?

Emercury is very interested in this question as it means a great deal in improving the success rate of our customers, so we took a random sample of our database of users who have sent at least 10 campaigns, in order to ensure that they have big enough lists to provide a more effective analysis of the big picture.

Based on our analysis, double opt-in lists do have better open rates. Our sample shows around 70.2% more increase in unique opens for double opt-in lists compared to single opt-in ones, while also showing a 75.6% increase in total opens. This actually points to two things in favor of double opt-in: first is that they get more opens, and second is that they get more opens per subscriber, which points to a more committed userbase.

Click rates are even better, as double opt-in lists show a 114% increase compared to single opt-ins. It’s common knowledge among marketers that clicks are a better way of showing a newsletter’s success in terms of ROI, so the fact that double opt-ins get even better numbers in here shows just how far above it is in terms of engagement compared to single opt-ins.

Finally, the bounce rates on double opt-in lists are also significantly better than single opt-in ones, pointing to a 48% decrease in hard bounces and 25% in soft bounces. This is particularly important as bounces are usually the main cause for newsletters getting blocked on the ISP level.

Basically, the main advantage of a double opt-in list is extreme efficiency. It’s a built-in system for weeding out garbage sign ins. Trust us, the extra amount of users you get from a single opt-in list are useless because they’re not interested, and they can be particularly harmful because their negative participation is usually what triggers spam filters and ISP blocks.

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