How iPhone 6 Help Affiliate Marketers

IPhone 5Recent reports have pointed to the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone line of smartphones, the iPhone 6, as being geared towards ecommerce, and it seems like affiliate marketers are one of the few people who stand to benefit from the new features. Of course, marketers can always make a profit by selling iPhone 6s on its own, but the phones themselves will introduce new features and capabilities that will help affiliate marketers in their business.

Chief among these is the near field communication feature, or NFC. What it does is allow for touchless, short-distance interaction between a mobile device and other objects. What does this mean for a marketer? It means there’s no longer any need to invest a hefty sum of money on a credit card merchant account nor a POS hardware and software, as the iPhone itself is said to use the NFC for touchless, mobile payment technology.

Apple’s not the first company to take advantage of NFC, as Samsung has already used it on some Galaxy devices and there are gaming consoles – particularly the Nintendo Wii U – that use it to great effect. However, Apple is the first one to specifically design theirs around the purpose of ecommerce.

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Lastly, the previous attempts on NFC by Google and Samsung highlight one key thing about Apple’s iPhone 6 and its use of the technology, at least with regard to affiliate marketing. Both of Google and Samsung’s attempts didn’t really take off and wasn’t used by smartphone owners for cashless transactions, because the technology still has room for improvement and user adoption is less than expected. But Apple is known for purposely waiting in the wings while they iron out the kinks in a technology before they release, so we can expect that their NFC implementation is at least as good as it’s going to get at the moment. And with the problem of user adoption, Apple’s users are generally regarded as somewhat more loyal to the brand compared to Android users (which in itself is fragmented between different manufacturers) so if touchless mobile payments are to take off, Apple may be our best bet.

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