Important Email Marketing Metrics

If you ever want to succeed in email marketing, it is vital to understand that it’s not just about blasting as many emails as you want and hoping for the best outcome – you need to watch over several email marketing metrics, which are all important in ensuring that you aren’t paying more than you should, that you’re maximizing your reach, and your earnings as well.

Spam Percentage

This is a metric that is provided by some email marketing providers. The way it works is that they assign a spam score on your emails before you send them, based on the number of links within as well as the frequency of predetermined email spam trigger words within the body. It can’t be 100% accurate because not all spam filters are the same, but it’s one of the first email marketing metrics you want to pay attention to if you don’t want your mails to go directly to the spam inbox everytime.

Open Rate

Another frequently ignored metric, but is arguably more important than the receive rate. Open rate tells you the number of times you emails have been opened – this is important because receive rate doesn’t really tell you anything. A user could have received your mail just fine but decided to trash it without even reading, or maybe it goes directly to the user’s custom folder meant for unimportant mails. Open rate, on the other hand, gives you figures on just how many of your emails have been opened and at least looked at. It can actually tell you which headlines work best and which ones are being ignored.

Click Rate

This works in tandem with Open Rate, as it gives you the numbers on clickthroughs, which is either people who went to your website from the email, or viewed more about your products. This helps further streamline the results of Open Rate. Whereas open rate lets you gauge the effectiveness of your headlines, click rate tells you specifically which content is being received better, and which links are attracting more people.

Action Rate Over Time

This metric lets you see the activity of your recipients based on time, which will tell you the specific times of day when people are checking their mails and which ones are “dead” periods. This is important because an email is more likely to be read if it appears while the person is checking his mail, whereas something that appears while he is offline is more likely to be ignored or even buried other more personal mails. With Action Rate Over Time, you can find out the specific time in which majority of your customers are checking their mails, and you’ll improve your numbers by sending at that time.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate lets you watch the Open Rate’s blind spot – not everybody who didn’t open your mail did so because they were uninterested or because it went to their spam inbox. Some aren’t receiving your mail because it was bouncing for some reason. Maybe it’s because their inbox is full, or there’s a server problem, or they gave you the incorrect email address. Bounced emails do not happen in a vacuum, and you’re wasting too much money and time if your bounce rate is too high, especially if you’re on an email provider that limits the amount of mail you can send.

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