Improve Your Email Marketing Results

Perhaps it is time we look at ways to engage our audience before we try to sell them something.

You can start by creating a special welcome email. This is the first impression you give your subscriber. If used properly it is very valuable. According to research, confirmation emails record the highest open and read rates. Keep this in mind the next time a customer purchases a product, so you can sell corresponding services.

Also make sure you let your audience know you are interested in them not just for a sale.

Here are some suggestions:
Educate them at no cost — clients buy based on trust. Establishing trust with new customers is the key to getting them to purchase, and maintaining and strengthening the trust is the key to customer retention. Send them interesting industry tidbits, an informative article, etc.
Reward their loyalty — once you have quality clients you want to keep them. The objective of a loyalty program is to offer benefits. For your subscribers it is an attractive incentive. For your business it could be increased revenue, greater email engagement, and strong consumer-brand relationship.
Focus on your attention on them — excellent customer support will help you retain your clients — 24/7 is expected from your online business.

Show them your worth — have you ever heard someone say, “What’s in it for me?” This means you need to show why what you sell or say matters. It is the value proposition; the one thing that makes them realize what you are offering is worth their time and money.
Avoid emailing them too often or not enough — finding an ideal frequency to email is an arduous task. It depends on certain factors, like what your company does and who you email. Keep in mind sending too often may aggravate your readers and increase your opt-out rate, so do not contact them more than a couple times per week.  However, long lapses may cause readers to forget about you. Plan on contacting them regularly, so your brand and product remains in front of your readers, and make sure each email has a defined purpose. You should stay in front of your audience at least once a month.
Do not send them a novel — tease your newsletter or article with a text blurb in your emails. You can then use a landing page to link your subscribers to content hosted on your website. Also shorten the length of your campaigns.

Do not send them one large image — sending one image as your email is not a sound choice. Servers are more likely to filter emails with large images, and recipients may migrate someplace else before your image fully loads. Also remember, some email programs block images by default, meaning a larger portion of your recipients might not see the original email you designed.
Do not expect them to pay attention to generic subject lines — consider using your subject line to entice your customers, with whatever is the most exciting part of your email.

Did You Know? Most marketers are familiar with the US CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. But, now Canada has their own proposed version of anti-spam legislation that in its current state goes much further than its US counterpart. It is imperative marketers stay abreast of the new proposed legislations, so they can begin taking action well in advance to ensure they remain in full compliance.

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