Improving Email Marketing Deliverability

Improving email marketing deliverabilityEmail marketing deliverability is one of the most important metrics to monitor if you want to succeed in the industry. After all, having poor deliverability means that you’re not reaching people, much less getting them to read or convert. Additionally, a severe drop in deliverability could actually ruin your business for good because ISPs sometimes monitor the bounce rate of your emails, and when they notice that yours is abnormally high, you may get flagged as a spammer and get banned.

If you want to improve your email marketing deliverability, here are a few things you should follow:

Remove Dead or Inactive Emails

Email services such as gmail and yahoo give every email sender a reputation score. If your email bounces a lot, email services will pull down your reputation score. Be sure to clean up your email list. Look for an email service provider that can automate or give you the option to manually remove the dead emails on your list.

Emercury is the only email marketing platform that has free utilities to help you become a better email marketing. These utilities include the option to automate or manually remove inactive or dead emails.

Read Up on the Policies of Your ISP

Majority of emails sent out are already filtered even before they reach the inbox of the recipients, simply because they triggered a lot of spam flags imposed by the ISP. This is especially dangerous for email marketers because by default, you’ll be sending high volumes of email, which make it easier for the flags to be noticed. So read up on their policies, and if possible, you can ask their customer representative to furnish you with the guidelines if it’s not readily available on their company page.

Follow the Principles of Permission-Based Email Marketing

Now that there are legion of readily available tools designed to cull unwanted emails, the only way you can be sure that your mails will not be intercepted is if the recipient is expecting your mail to arrive, and you can only achieve this if you follow the principles of permission-based marketing. Basically, your main source of leads should be an opt-in page specifically designed for your business, or buying a list from someone who is following industry best practices for building lists.

Employ a Double Opt-In System

Employing a double opt-in serves two important purposes. First is that it reminds your subscribers that they signed up for your service, in case they have forgotten (this means they won’t wonder why they’re suddenly receiving your newsletters), second is it will give them an option to opt-out in case they have just signed up on your list by mistake or somebody signed up for them. Giving them this chance to opt out properly is vital, because without this option most users just mark your mail as spam and let the spam filter handle it from thereon.

Be Consistent with Your “From” Address

There’s really no good reason to keep changing your “from” address, especially since the only reason to keep doing so is to trick people into accidentally opening your mail, which doesn’t work and may even backfire. Basically, you want people to be accustomed to your name or your company’s name, so they need to see the same “from” address every single time.

Optimize Your Subject Line

Even with the advent of content preview windows, subject lines are still the first thing that your subscriber will read when they receive your mail, and it’s that same subject line that will have the most effect on whether or not your mail will be read or chucked to the spam inbox.


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