Is Amazon Affiliate Still Worth It?

There have been a lot of changes with Amazon Affiliate last year, most of them were minor TOS tweaks that won’t affect affiliates in a noticeable way, but there are also huge changes such as the requirement to make a sale within the first 90 days and cutting off support for certain states (due to taxation issues).

So a lot of affiliate marketers are now wondering – is Amazon Affiliate Still Worth It? Or should they abandon the program and just go wither other affiliate networks? The short answer is that Yes, Amazon Affiliate is still worth the effort. But there are a few things that you need to consider about the whole thing.

First is that as a sole source of income, Amazon Affiliate is not going to cut it. The commissions are simply too small unless you’re marketing big ticket items like SLR cameras or pool pumps. The usual items like books and CDs will only give you cents or a few dollars at best per sale, which brings us to the second consideration – you need a lot of good traffic to turn Amazon into a decent income stream. But the same applies to just about all online revenue streams, so we can hardly fault Amazon for it. Amazon Affiliate, however, has a lot more things that make it worth your while even after all the changes, such as:

Amazon is a Trusted Brand

One of the challenges that you will encounter as an affiliate marketer is getting your prospective customers to trust the links that you throw their way. Even to this day, people still have qualms when buying over the Internet, and sad to say that many fly by night affiliate marketers aren’t helping the reputation of all affiliate marketers when they hawk products that are subpar. But with Amazon, you don’t have any problems getting customers’ trust with regard to the links, because they already know that Amazon is a legitimate online retailer and they feel safe buying from the place.

Amazon Makes it Easy to Integrate Their Products to Your Website

Amazon Affiliate has a wide range of tools and documentation that will allow even the tech-challenged webmasters to seamlessly integrate the affiliate links to their site, and the tools also allow for multimedia content to be used instead of just boring text links. Basically, it’s a lot easier to make Amazon affiliate links look professional compared to others.

Amazon Affiliate Can Be Used in Tandem with Most Ad Networks

Many affiliate networks are not compatible with major ad networks like Google’s Adsense, in the sense that using said affiliate links on your site will get you banned from the service. Amazon Affiliate, on the other hand, does not violate most ad networks’ policies and can coexist side by side with them (although you should still check the TOS of whatever network you are using, as they can change any time.)

Holidays Will Provide Increased Sales

Amazon, due to their status as the Go-To site for online purchases, has the same seasonal activity as major retailers. This means during holidays, you can expect to see an increase in sales that pertain to the holidays, or just general increases (like in Black Fridays). This will give you a specific schedule if you wish to ramp up your affiliate marketing activities during certain seasons.

Lastly, Amazon has a Wide Range of Products

This is one of the biggest factors that make Amazon Affiliate still worth it today. The sheer number and variety of products that they offer will ensure that you’ll find something to sell regardless of the niche that you’re going after.

At the end of the day, Amazon might not be the most lucrative affiliate marketing program out there, but it’s versatile and easy to use, which in this day and age is a godsend. So while it’s not going to be your main source of income, it’s still worth including in your online revenue strategy.


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