List Managers Should Start Paying Attention to Seniors More

Many businesses are missing out on a lot of opportunities because they don’t target boomers or seniors, opting to go after teenagers, single moms, kids, or any other demographic that’s more closely associated with trendy or pop culture-related products. While there’s no sense in abandoning their existing target demos in favor of seniors, it’s also illogical to disregard seniors when they are actually a demographic that can bring in a lot of revenue when targeted correctly.

Reasons You Should Market to Seniors

Disposable Income – majority of seniors no longer have any dependents and only need to spend money on their own needs. Additionally, they may be retired and have already built a comfy nest egg. This is a target demographic with money but with limited amount of things to spend them on.

Specific Needs – many seniors are no longer as mobile or as capable as they were in their youth, and now have needs that cannot be ignored. These include medicines, health care, insurance, or even tools to aid disability. If you have a product or service that addresses these needs, then you can tap on a customer base who are compelled by their own needs to buy your product.

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However, don’t assume that marketing your affiliate products to seniors is as easy as slapping a picture of the elderly being happy or writing in formal tone. In fact, that might not even be the proper approach in many cases. If you want to market effectively to boomers and seniors, you should check out the following tips:

Effective Affiliate Marketing for Seniors

1. Be An Authority – seniors tend to be in positions of authority, by virtue of their status in life and how our society deems the elderly. This means that in order to convince them of something, you have to “pull in rank” or show that you are an authority yourself. They are very skeptical and distrustful of marketers that cannot prove themselves as voices of authority.

There are a lot of ways to build oneself as an authority. These include getting a book published or promoting books that have already been published under your name. Now, getting published in print would be difficult but eBooks these days have already become credible especially when you get a book published through online stores like Amazon.

You can also create credible-looking websites and do guest blog posts for other authority websites. The point is that you need to avoid looking like a one-hit or no-name wonder who’s just out to make a big buck.

2. Be Consistent in Your Communications – when it comes to seniors, it’s all about building a relationship through consistent and effective communication. In their current state in life, they have very little time for people who just appear and talk and sell something before disappearing again. They yearn for people who will stick around and give them the attention and support they need, even if it’s just within the context of a customer-seller relationship. So make sure you communicate with them, and do it in the vernacular that they are comfortable with. Find out about the things that they are interested in and use those to improve your communication channels. This is where surveys and feedback forms become a huge help.

3. Be Diverse in Your Marketing Efforts –  a lot of marketers choose to simplify everything into a single message, which is a sign of laziness and will result in a marketing message that is just too generic to be effective on seniors. Target diversity, complexity, and sophistication and you’ll have a definite advantage when it comes to affiliate marketing for seniors.


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