Make Facebook and Twitter an Extension of Your Email Marketing

Make no mistake about it; e-mail is still the most powerful marketing channel today. However, social media is also showing their worth, and it’s foolish to only pick e-mail exclusively when you can be using social media as an additional or complementary channel for marketing.

Currently, the two most viable social networks out t here are Facebook and Twitter. Their reach is simply unparalleled and they have built in tools that make email marketers’ jobs that much easier. If you want to know how you can turn both social networks as effective extensions of your email marketing, read on:

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Learn the Ropes and Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

The thing with social networks is that they are might look the same in principle and in concept, but people’s activities, behaviors and the culture they build on said network make each social media service different from the rest. You need to find out these specific network-exclusive cultures so that you can fit them into your marketing campaign.

A good example of this is the difference between LinkedIn and Facebook. The former is geared more towards work and career-related social interaction, whereas the latter is a little bit more casual and eclectic. This means if your marketing campaign rests on racy or edgy slogans or images that tow the line between what’s polite or and what’s not, you should prefer Facebook because it won’t be appreciated on LinkedIn.

There are also behaviors and preferences arising from technical aspects of the network. If your latest copy is a little bit lengthy and would require people to read more, it might not be a good fit for Twitter, as it is designed more for bite-sized, heavy hitting pitches that can be easily retweeted and understood.

Don’t Be Annoying

This lesson is already applicable with traditional forms of marketing, but it is especially important with Facebook and Twitter. People go there to be social and to have fun, so anything that disturbs them from those two activities will not be received well. Build a social media profile that is meant for fun and socialization – don’t wear your marketing face on your sleeve. People want to interact with your product and company, they don’t want to sit through a one-sided demo. There is a big difference.

Tie In Your Social Media Profiles to Your Emails

Both Facebook and Twitter provide tools to integrate their services to anything that would accept an HTML code – emails are perfect for this. Whether it’s having your latest tweets appear as a sidebar on your newsletter or just embedding an important tweet (which can also come with videos or images!), or just providing a simple “Like” and “Share this page on Facebook” button, it is important that you don’t waste an opportunity to extend your email campaign into social media.

Lastly, Get Someone to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

Having a social media account that is frequently inactive or horribly updated is worse than having no social media account at all. If you are too busy with other aspects of your business to manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts, hire someone – even on a part-time basis – to do it. Remember that people want to interact with a person on social networking sites, having someone regularly available to interact with on your company’s social media accounts will be a powerful way of building a relationship with your customers.

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