Monetize Your List Through Pinning and Hearting

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is no longer confined to the limits of websites and blogs. Social media has already proven its mettle, and has shown itself to be a very powerful channel for marketing and selling. Two of the more interesting ones these days is Pinterest, which has become insanely popular since its launch in 2010, and the much older yet relatively less popular We Heart It, which is starting to gain a lot of traction.

Click here and see how Emercury can help you monetize your list efficiently., as the name implies, is a place where you can “pin” things that are of interest to you. You can pin text and videos, but the primary use (and what most users on the service prefer) are images. The service is know for having a sleek and novice-friendly user interface., on the other hand, is essentially similar to Pinterest (you “heart” things instead of “pinning” them), with the difference mainly being their target demographics.

Both Pinterest and We Heart It have proven their usefulness in affiliate marketing, mainly because their emphasis on images makes it easy for marketers to provide visuals for the products and services they are promoting. The web has already turned into a visual web, and images are more effective at driving a message so it’s not surprising that Pinterest and We Heart It both saw a surge of marketability. However, if you want to take your business to either of the two sites, you have to consider your target audience and whether they will be a match for either network’s.

Nobody knows why, but Pinterest seems to have developed a large following among mature women. You will find a lot of beauty, DIYs, fashion, and household use products on Pinterest. We’re not saying that those are the only types of affiliate products that you can promote on Pinterest, but it’s an indication of the ebb and flow of said market. If you have a niche that ties in with those, you should consider the network.

We Heart It, on the other hand, has an audience that is predominantly teenage girls who are looking to express themselves as individuals. There’s an overlap in We Heart It and Pinterest, but on the whole We Heart It is home to teenagers who don’t want anything to do with the social networking site that their parents are using. It is an important distinction to make when creating your affiliate marketing campaign.

Now, these two social media sites are currently the IT sites at the moment, and it would be foolish not to try and break into them. As a marketer, you should go where the buyers are. However, be reminded that social media sites by nature are fragile. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why Facebook took off, and it might be equally difficult to pinpoint the reason when it eventually falls off the radar. So there’s no sense in taking too much of your time. Find a social media site that caters to your target demographic, and get in while the money is still there.


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