Newsletter Advertising is the Future of Email Marketing

email advertising is the future of email marketingThere is an underground email economy called Solo Ads. A solo ad is a one-page landing page that offers you freebies (like pdf and instructional video, usually about how you can make money online) in exchange of your email address. Once you provide your email address, they will start sending you text-based ads, masked as a personal email, containing links. These links will lead you to another landing page where you will, again, be asked for your email in exchange of some freebies that will teach you how to make money online.

Most of the time, they do really provide the freebies but these freebies say the same thing. No matter how many lists you join, you will essentially get the same information. That information teaches you how to do solo ads so you can build your own list and do to others what they are doing to you.

The problem is that once you do get people to subscribe to your list, you will get little to no response because you are getting the same email addresses that other solo ad marketers already got on their list.

If you want to build an email list that is responsive and sincerely interested in what you are offering, you need to find subscribers that have not been saturated by other email offers.

The best source? Company or brand newsletters.

Why are Company Newsletters the Best Source of New Subscribers?

Online stores or online brands email their monthly updates and offers to their customers. In an effort to retain their subscriber base, newsletter senders make sure their list is protected, no spams are sent and only the most relevant content  get to them.

As a result, their subscribers develop high level of trust towards the brand, enough for them to stay on the list and keep on receiving updates. This trust is also what motivates them to respond more with the marketing materials sent to them.

It is this “trust” that you need for your email marketing.

What You Should Do

Put a text-based ad on these newsletters with a link that leads to your landing page. Given that you are putting an ad on a material that is trusted and awaited by the subscribers, you will get higher click through rates.

Click here to check out Admailr, a proprietary technology that allows you to put text-based ads on newsletters.

You will get:

  1. Customers Most likely to spend. Subscribers of these newsletters choose to stay on the list to receive regular marketing offers from the source of the newsletter. They do this because they find value in it. They wait for discounts or updates about new product releases or end of season sale and others. That means you are capturing a market that is predisposed to spend money online.
  2. Active list. The newsletter where your ads will be placed get high level of interaction with the market. They open it, read it and, sometimes, buy what is being offered. Your ad will be seen by a responsive set of subscribers.
  3. Trusted source. Subscribers tend to interact more with marketing materials that are coming from someone they trust. Since your ad is appearing on a material sent by a company they trust, your ad will have higher click through rates.
  4. Not saturated by other offers. If you are building your own email list, you have greater chances of growing a list full of news subscribers or subscribers that are getting into your kind of list for the first time. These subscribers that will see your are not yet jaded and are more willing to read and respond to what you are offering.


If you want to build a list for your marketing efforts, don’t buy an email list. Those subscribers are most likely saturated by other marketing offers. Sign up with Admailr and place text-based ads on other newsletters. You can put a link to your website or landing page. You are most likely to get higher click through rates. You can use it to marketing your products or build a list of your own.

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