The Rise of Clickstream Analysis in E-Mail Marketing

It took a little bit of time, but email marketers are now fully aware that email frequency and relevance go hand in hand, with lack of one having a negative effect on the other. The Email Marketing industry has gone a long way from generic mass emails to highly personalized emails that are relevant to each user regardless of the size of the list. It’s true that freebies or free shipping still do wonders to boost the top line, but companies have already realized that there are better alternatives to slicing margins and losing money on each transaction.

One of the new methods that have been rising in popularity for a while now is clickstream analysis, with various email companies joining forces with analytics companies in order to merge each of their strengths and provide true integration between email marketing campaigns and actionable analytics.

Clickstream Analysis Explained

A clickstream-based email is basically a message or a campaign that takes into account a user’s clickstream data, which tend to be more specific than just purchase data. Basically, instead of recommending Y because user purchased X, clickstream data might provide data as to why the user purchased X, and why he purchased it today instead of any other time. This is a more powerful set of data that can be used to better predict a user’s buying habits and future purchases.

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A clickstream-based email campaign will not only be relevant, they will also be immediately useful as they’re an up to the minute glimpse into the user’s habits, particularly ones that affect his buying habits.

At the end of the day, clickstream is a new addition to your email marketing tools, and might be the most powerful one to date. But don’t fall into the trap of seeing it as some sort of magic bullet. Email marketing, in order to succeed, will take a lot of things into account. Use clickstream to boost your business, but don’t bet everything on it.

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