The Small Business Mindset and Social Media

For the past couple of years, small business owners are finally discovering just how powerful and cost-effective social media can be when it comes to marketing and branding. However, they usually end up failing to see any benefits because they tend to follow advise from so-called “social media gurus” who have limited experiences or none at all.

The sheer amount of bad advise floating around on the Internet means that small business mindset usually get ingrained with the wrong impressions. So instead of providing social media tips for small businesses, we’re going to tackle bad social media advise that you should ignore, such as:

Get an Account on Every Single Social Network

Building an online presence on a social network might not require money, but it will require time and effort. Not many small businesses have the manpower to spare when it comes to maintaining social network accounts, so trying to get an account on every single one of them is a classic case of spreading already limited time and resources too thin. There’s also the matter of audience – different social networks host different types of audience. Find one that fits your target customer demographic.

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Focus on a Single Social Network

On the other hand, don’t focus on just a single social network, regardless of how good said social network is doing for your business. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin, but you don’t want to put all of your eggs on a single basket either. There’s no need to sign up for all available social networks, but try to scope out the ones that are performing really well and have a membership base that fits your business, then focus on those.

E-Mail is Not Needed Because it’s Obsolete

There’s this pervasive misinformation that e-mail as a means of communication and promotion is already outmoded, because people nowadays communicate more on social media, but this is a dangerous/costly notion because statistics have constantly proven that e-mail is still more efficient than social media when it comes to communication and promotion. It also has a wider reach, because let’s face it – what’s the one thing you need to register for a social media account? That’s right. E-mail.

Social Media Has Replaced Search Engine Optimization

There’s also this bad advice floating around saying that marketers need to abandon SEO and focus on social media instead. This is partly fueled by Google’s regular algorithm updates, which prevent lazy so-called “SEO gurus” from gaming the system and throws low quality sites under the bus. But as far as being outmoded by social networks, it’s simply not true. Rather, this is a case of two marketing strategies being effective on their own and better when used together. There’s no need to abandon one over the other when you can use both and reap better rewards.

Save Time By Using a Single Automation Tool to Post the Same Thing Everywhere

Automated tools are a must these days, as managing your social media campaigns will take time that is better spent on running the small business proper, but it’s only up to a point – use it as a means to save time by posting all of your content to their respective destinations from a single control panel, but don’t use them to post the same thing to multiple networks. That’s a surefire way to failure. Making multiple copies of your content available to different locations on the web will hurt your online presence, because social networks and search engines place a lot of importance on unique content.

Give an Inexperienced Intern or Third Party Consultant Free Reign Over Your Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns are your small business’ face in the online world, so it’s not your average throwaway marketing strategy. You mess it up and you’ll find your brand or company name ruined even in the offline world. This is not to say that you have to personally handle your social media campaigns, but you should not hand over everything to a person who lacks experience and/or isn’t directly accountable to your company. At the very least, you should have full control of the admin account and just delegate tasks to moderators if possible. Or train the interns yourself. In-house staff are the best option, because you can include safety clauses in their contract, to prevent them from hijacking your social networking accounts if they leave on bad terms.


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