Using RSS for your Marketing Campaigns

Feed-iconRSS (which means either Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is one of the most useful yet horribly underrated web feed formats in use right now. You don’t hear about them too much as people are too focused on the website itself, yet there are quite a number of users who prefer to receive their information – be it regular articles, news headlines, or even personal updates from web personalities – minus the frills, through RSS readers or aggregators.

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What many email marketers don’t know is that RSS can also be used for their marketing campaigns. Basically, RSS allows them to automatically send their weblog or website updates to their email subscribers, without a need to manually write new messages nor copy and paste a single line of text. With eMercury’s RSS-to-eMail feature, readers don’t have to go through the hassle of clicking a link back to your site when they’re busy, because they can get pertinent updates directly from their inbox.

Another benefit of using RSS Feeds for your campaigns is that you can even combine multiple RSS feeds into a single newsletter. Aside from making things easier compared to manually writing snippets of text or copying content from different websites, it also turns your newsletter into a one-stop destination for information, effectively giving your subscribers all the news and information their need in one place. The popularity of content portals proves just how appealing and powerful this is, as convenience is a big selling point these days.

You can use multiple RSS Feeds on a single newsletter even if you only have a single website, because there are numerous feed aggregators on the Internet (like Yahoo Pipes) that provide feeds for various topics and interests, so that you can cherry pick only the feeds that will be relevant to your subscribers.

Lastly, even though RSS feeds don’t really include layout elements and eMercury automatically takes care of the formatting if you choose to integrate feeds into your newsletter, you still have control over the look if you add or remove RSS items.


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