Why Businesses Need Affiliate Marketers

It is unfortunate that there are still business owners these days who feel that they don’t need affiliate marketers, and that affiliate campaigns are useful only to businesses that are related to the tech industry. The truth is that affiliate programs are some of the most powerful marketing tools these days regardless of the nature of the business, and affiliate marketers can beat even the best in-house sales person with regard to your bottomline. Here are a few specific reasons why a business needs affiliate marketers:

Affiliate Marketers Are Cost-Efficient

Businesses need salespeople, that much is a given. However, if we’re talking about in-house sales staff, it is accepted that you’re going to pay for their training, their salaries, and any incentive that you promise them if they make a sale or bring customers. Affiliate marketers, on the other hand, only get paid an incentive when they make a sale or bring the customer to your funnel. This means advertising and marketing stops being an expense and turns into a cost of goods sold.

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Additionally, there is less risk of carrying dead weight with affiliate marketers. It’s true that an inhouse sales staff will get assessed based on their performance, but this assessment period takes time and you could have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on wages before you realize that he’s not bringing in anything to the company. An affiliate marketer that is performing poorly, on the other hand, will not cost the company anything.

An Affiliate Marketer’s Reach is Unparalleled

Affiliate marketers are based all over the globe, and they have broader reach compared to traditional advertising channels. Sure, if you throw enough money at a multimedia campaign, you’ll be able to market all over the globe – but that’s a lot of money. For a fraction of what a conventional advertising campaign will cost you, several dozen affiliate marketers can provide the same broad reach and reach as many eyeballs.

The Industry Has Changed and The Internet Needs to Be Tapped

As mentioned above, many industries have moved on to the Internet, even businesses that don’t normally have anything to do with technology. Not having an online strategy is basically giving up these days, as you’ll be allowing your company to proverbially eat the dust of the trailblazers.

When you start adopting an online strategy for your business, you can treat it the same way you approached traditional media – by throwing money at expensive advertising and marketing campaigns. However, an effective affiliate marketing campaign will cost significantly less and might be even more powerful for one simple reason:

Affiliate Marketing Works on Trust and Relationships

What’s the one thing an affiliate marketer has that can’t be replicated by marketing agencies and expensive tri-media marketing campaigns? Trust and relationship with your potential customers.

In a way, affiliate marketers are leveraging their reputation and credibility when promoting your products. People are already desensitized to promises made by businesses, so it is up to the affiliates to vouch for your product and back up any claims made by the business.

Lastly, Affiliate Marketing is An Extension of Word of Mouth

Quick, ask any business what’s the most powerful and valuable form of promotion. Any business person who knows his job will tell you that it’s word of mouth. This is one of the major reasons why businesses need affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers are basically word of mouth marketers that you have control over. Their most effective strategy is to promote products and services using their own personal proof and testimonials, banking on their own reputation and their rapport with people. Assuming that your products and services are really worth selling, this can only lead to more sales and a transfer of trust from the affiliate to your brand name.


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