How To Pitch Email Marketing Services

email marketing servicesIf you’re a marketer, you probably know all of the benefits of Email Marketing; It is one of the highest-return investments a business can make. But how do you pitch email marketing services to your boss, or clients?

While there are many things that can help with this, email marketing services almost sell themselves if the client in question understands the benefits of email. At that point it just makes sense for them to let an expert like you handle it.

Whether you run an agency, doing marketing for a company, or just doing it for yourself, it is a really good idea to understand exactly why email marketing works, and how. So let’s take a look at the main benefits now.

The power of building a relationship

Everyone knows that email can achieve some amazing feats that no other type of marketing can even come close to. But do you really know and understand the core reason behind this power? As it turns out, you can boil it all down to one thing, and it has to do with the intimate nature of email. 

It is unlike any other channel because it allows you as a marketer (or your client as a brand) to build up a relationship with a subscriber. This means that you can instill a sense of trust, respect and authority that grows over time, through continued communication. And as you know, people find it easiest to purchase from those they trust and “know”.

email marketing services

Most channels have no relationship-building power whatsoever. And even the few channels which can “relationship build” do not come even close to email. I am talking about something like running a YouTube or Rumble channel where your audience “kind of” starts to develop a sense of having a relationship with you or your client’s brands.

And yes your subscribers on there might develop a sense of “knowing” and trusting your clients’ brands over time, but again, it comes nowhere near to the effect you see with a channel as intimate as email. Additionally, those other channels have several disadvantages we’ll touch upon throughout this guide.

Easy and simple automation that can scale

Most everyone these days understands the benefits of automation. You can take pretty much any process in marketing, put it on autopilot, and save both time and money. Sounds like a great deal for your company or clients right?

One problem – marketing automation is highly impractical, expensive and difficult to implement in all but one marketing channel. Can you guess what that channel is? That’s right – email. In fact, email is the only channel where you can start utilizing the wonders of automation from day one.

Other channels require a ton of upfront setup, licensing expensive tools and a team of developers. On the other hand, email automation is easy to start with, and in fact, you can set up basic drip automations from day one. This is generally the strategy we recommend to most people. You can always get fancier later on.

And the best part is how scalable email automation is. For example, at Emercury we’ve worked very hard to make it super easy to implement basic automations without any special training or setup. It just works. However, we’ve always invested a ton in implementing all the more advanced features so they are there for you, when you reach that stage.

This means that you can gradually introduce more complexity in your automations and scale them up as you go. To learn more about this, check out: Best Practices for Email Marketing Automation.

Natural and cost-effective personalization

This is just like the previous point, and your client or boss won’t need much convincing to buy into the benefits of personalization. Though if you do need help with that, check out: Boost Your Conversion Rate: An Easy Guide to Personalization.

The issue is that personalization (just like automation) is much more complex and expensive to implement in other channels. With email you can easily set your emails to show different and personalized content. And you can start utilizing this power as an email marketer from day one. No extensive training or setup required. However, this is much more difficult with things like websites and impossible with things like social media.

email marketing servicesEmail is the most cost-effective way to implement personalization in a way that scales. You can start off with basic, easy personalization, and get more advanced as you go. This is impossible with other marketing channels.

True lead ownership

If you want to sell your email marketing services (and email as a channel), listen up. I’m about to talk about the single most important factor to sway a decision maker. You might already understand this, but many people are unaware that email is literally the only medium where you own your own leads.

What a lot of business owners don’t realize is that with all other platforms and mediums, they own the leads. They’re only lending them to you at a fee. And even when it seems like you own your leads, such as “subscribers” on YouTube or “fans” on Facebook, this is a complete illusion. 

They can, at any moment, simply change the terms on you and confiscate your leads. They can decide to charge you unreasonable fees to talk to your own leads, or simply decide what you’re allowed to communicate and how often. 

And yes, you can wake up one day and find out that due to a machine error, you’ve lost all of your leads. You can learn more about these kinds of horrors in our super popular article: Why Email Is Now More Important Than Ever.

Getting back to the main point

When your clients (or boss) invest in email marketing, they are investing in something that they own forever. If someone gave you permission to email them, you can do so at your discretion. You (or your clients) own that lead forever (or until the subscriber says “please remove me from your list”). 

email marketing servicesAnd to drive this point further, there is no lock-in with email. That means that if tomorrow your client decides they no longer need your services, they still own those leads, and those relationships, and may choose to continue emailing them. 

Now obviously it’s better to let you handle it, but it’s good to point this out. A decision maker will appreciate that you’re not trying to lock them into your services, and they own the leads and relationships.

And it goes beyond just any lock-in coming from you and your services. With email they’re not bound to any one email-sending service. If you own your leads, you can move to a different platform at any moment and just continue where you left off. 

In fact, this is a major secret behind Emercury’s amazing growth. We keep getting veteran marketers moving their huge lists to our platform. This is something that we make exceptionally easy with our importing features.

An easy way to repurpose content

This is one of the best tricks you can learn as a marketer. This is equally true if you’re doing email marketing for yourself, or offering it as a service to others. Let me assume that you run a marketing agency though. Odds are that you already produce (or offer to produce) content for your clients in terms of other channels. 

It is very easy to repurpose content for your newsletter. In fact, it is most-often super cost-effective to take the same content and find a way to repurpose it either into emails, or lead magnets that get people to sign up for the email list.

If you’re doing email marketing for yourself, this trick will do wonders for your own business. And if you’re looking to sell more services for clients, you can leverage this to sell the client on more services. You can always structure your packages in such a way where there is overlap and repurposing between the different channels, with email being the binding agent. But more on that in the next point.

The best way to tie all the channels together

Do you ever feel like the more channels you add to your marketing strategies, the more disjointed everything feels? This is because simply adding marketing channels without a unifying strategy creates dilution. 

So you need to find a way to somehow link the different channels together to be part of one synergistic and symbiotic system. And how do you do this? Well, email marketing comes to the rescue once again. It is the one thing that all of your channels can have in common, and implementing this will depend on a couple of things.

email marketing servicesFirst, you can have the different channels promoting your email list. If there is one goal that they all need to share, it is getting everyone to sign up for your newsletter. And remember, email is the one and only way to truly own a lead. So encourage subscribers, fans, readers and viewers to sign up for the email list. And of course, offer incentives to help them do so.

In turn, the email list can leverage and advertise the different channels. When people sign up to “get your latest videos in their inbox”, add them to a “video updates” list, and do send updates about new videos to that specific email list.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to only sending links to other channels only if people signed up for a specific “send me updates list”. You can also find ways to link to and mention your other channels in your email marketing in general. This ensures that all of your channels are growing together.

Your clients or boss might or might not understand this synergistic effect. However, it is your job to ensure that they do and why email plays a pivotal role in achieving this effect. 

Email gives you a unique ability to play the long-game

Email is the only channel where you can influence a lead over months or even years before they make their first purchase. Now, you might be wondering why that is a good thing; isn’t it better to sell more things faster?

Well, the fact is that different people are at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Some are very close to a purchase, and others are merely curious about the subject. For example they own a business and they know that sometime in the future they will need to outsource X to someone.

That x can be what you or your client are selling. If this is something far off in the future, hard-selling won’t work. However sending them informative emails and building a relationship until the time their business is ready to purchase x, will do wonders. Guess who they will come to purchase from when they are ready?

When it comes to other channels, sales are only possible if you target people who are already at those later “about to purchase” stages. So in using such channels to sell, you’re limiting yourself to a very tiny percentage of the market.

This is why all successful businesses funnel all of their leads from other channels into their email list. And from there on, they can use email marketing to treat people of different stages differently.

And the best part? If you implement this strategy for your clients with your email marketing services, they will see tangible results coming over the long run.

Aside from short-term sales, they will be happy to see all of the medium and long-term sales produced by email. In turn, they will understand that they need to keep you and your services around for the long-term.

Get A Strategic Partner On Your Side

There’s no need to go at this alone. Whether you run an agency, are hired to do marketing for a company, or even doing it for your own business, you can always use help. We’re here to help make things easy. 

While we do put out a lot of free content to help you, nothing beats a one-on-one conversation. In these articles we try to help clarify things as best as possible. However, every business and use case is different, so we have to generalize.

If you want to understand better how to implement email marketing in your specific use case, let’s have a chat. At the moment I am still able to do some free demos, so be sure to book one while I can still do these.

I would love to hear about your specific needs, challenges, and any confusion you might have about email marketing strategies. And then, help you see how you can leverage Emercury to improve your results, both for yourself, and your clients.

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