Emercury’s Top Ten Secrets to Increasing Open and Conversion Rates (Part 2 of 3)

Last time, I wrote about how to improve your email marketing efforts by fine tuning your mailing list. In this article, I stressed:

· The importance of sorting or segmenting your contact list
· Why all email marketers should let their consumers choose to subscribe or not
· Why one should let consumers unsubscribe, but to also convince them to stay in the list but to receive mails less frequently.

It’s time now to focus now on the content of your newsletters and other email marketing tools.
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4. Don’t underestimate your subscribers: You now have the benefit of having a high quality mailing list. These people have chosen to receive news from you and your business. Make your mails worth their time and email space. Don’t send too many emails which mostly consist of advertisements that benefit your business but do not benefit your subscribers. Give them something they will be interested in. For example, a sale announcement is welcome if you do it once a week, and only if the mark down in your prices is big. You can also include informational material in your email if it benefits your subscribers, even if it doesn’t completely call attention to your products. Give them a reason to keep you around.

5. Keep is short: Your subscribers haven’t got all day. Keep your content straight to the point. If you are not skilled enough as a writer to deliver short and sweet messages, hire one. Don’t make your readers read through three paragraphs of mumbo-jumbo. They haven’t got all day. If you wrote content that is more than two paragraphs long, don’t put it all in your newsletter. Have links to your website instead. Make the textual content of your newsletter fun to read. It has to be clear and relevant to your subscriber. You can accompany it with graphics too, just to make it more pleasant to the eyes.

6. Entice your readers: tips, special offers, and other relevant information that can spark up the interest of your intended market, and ideally relate to your products or services, would be beneficial to your email marketing attempts. For example, if you own a spa, then an article that talks about the health services of massages and other treatments would definitely be beneficial to both you and your subscriber. You can also add diet tips to help them cleanse their bodies not just while they’re at the spa, but while they’re at home too. Recipes for homemade spa treatment creams might look like something that would go against you selling your products and services, but if it looks like bonus information for your consumers, you’re sure to benefit from the article too.

7. Hear your subscribers out: Don’t be afraid to interact with your subscribers. Set up social media pages and update these. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear what your subscribers think about your business. Let them comment on your photos and offers. Be open to receive both the good and the bad opinions. It can help you improve your business. You might also want to conduct a poll just to see how satisfied your subscribers are with your business.

8. Spell check: Don’t rush into producing content. Make sure all the text in your promo materials are written well. They didn’t subscribe to you just to receive materials that are half baked.

That’s it! You’re good to go. In the next part of this article we’ll discuss how to make effective subject lines that will help you entice your subscribers to open your email. Subscribe to this blog to get updates on this post.

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