Emercury’s Top Ten Secrets to Increasing Open and Conversion Rates (Part 3 of 3)

Did you miss out on the first two parts of this post? There, I discussed:

· The importance of segmenting your mailing list
· The importance of having a high quality (targeted) mailing list
· The advantages of letting your subscribers choose the frequency of your emails
· Content making, and why it’s important to consider your subscriber’s needs
· Establishing an open conversation between you and your subscribers
· The importance of spellchecking, and producing high quality textual content

Now, let’s talk about getting your subscribers hooked to your content.

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9. The art of composing your subject line: Give yourselves time to think about the perfect subject line. It can make or break your email marketing attempts. A good, creative subject line will entice the subscriber to open the email, but it will carry a pretty subdued (and not-so-desperate) tone. This works better than a subject line written in all caps, or filled with exclamation points. Examples of subject lines which will end up in the SPAM folder are:

· HURRY!!! Grab the last piece!
· FREE!!!
· AMAZING STYLE! High Fashion! Almost for free!!!

These subject lines just reek of desperation, and will turn off the more educated consumer. Keep your subject line short, sweet, direct to the point, and not misleading. For example:

· Sale alert: 80% off on shoes from 2PM to 4PM today

will work better than

· Hurry! Grab these hot pairs while they last!!!

Also check your subject line for typographical errors. A typographical error in your subject line will certainly turn your subscribers off. This might even trigger certain emails to mark you automatically as SPAM.

10. Time your blasts: Consider your target subscribers and look at their schedules. When are they most likely to open their email? Do you cater to executives who open their email in the day, or do you cater to mothers who only get a chance to go online when their kids are still asleep, or already in bed? Time your email blasts accordingly. If you can, you might also want to invest in tools that will help you test out your email marketing attempts so you can optimize later on.


Email marketing holds a lot of promise for online businesses. You just need to put a lot of thought into it so your efforts won’t be redirected to the SPAM folder. Subscribe to this blog for more tips on online marketing, more email marketing tips, and email marketing design.

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