Resolutions to Help You Jumpstart 2014

We are more than halfway through January – are you still sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions?

While a new year offers you the opportunity to do things better than you did the year before, many resolutions involve your health – losing weight, exercising more, stop smoking, etc. – all of these are wonderful, but you also should take the time to consider resolutions that include your business.

You need to get off to a great start by making 2014 your finest email marketing year ever! Here are some suggestions:

Pay Attention to Your Lists a quality email list is the most important part of a successful email marketing strategy. However, you must be diligent when building and maintain your lists. This includes finding out who is reading your emails, so you can create a separate list for your most active readers, and send targeted promotions for them. Also, remember to employ your click-through data so you can discover the content that most interests your readers. Then segment your lists into different audiences based on your most read content. Finally, keep an eye on all your reporting – hard bounces, complaints, etc. If someone is continuously not opening or clicking through your emails, then you might want to remove them from your list of subscribers. These people could become irritated and report your email as spam rather than unsubscribe.

…by making 2014 your best email marketing year ever!

Mobile Email Strategy – you need to know how many of your subscribers are reading your emails on mobile devices and how your email is adjusting. Optimizing for mobile is not an option; it is a necessity. Everything about your email marketing program should be thought about differently because of mobile. It is not too late, but it is time to act. People are increasingly using mobile devices to shop, so optimize your promotions today for the plethora of devices available to consumers.

Social Media – email marketing is an ideal place to tell everyone how socially-conscious you are. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and the list goes on and on, so your email marketing promotions need to include all of them. Make sure every email you send out includes social icons for readers to click on, to share, and to like your content, because it is such an effective way to reach and nurture relationships. Also consider consumers look to reviews to make decisions, so content sharing platforms can be a great asset to your brand. Since email receives the highest conversion rates teaming it with social media, with its massive audience, is a marketing must.

Focus on Email Content – readers appreciate quality content. The best emails you receive are ones that combine strong offers with great content. It is disheartening how many marketers, even those who have solid content-focused sites, do not leverage that in their email newsletters. Instead many allow restrictive templates to dictate their content. S.E.O. rewards are being reaped by those who create unique and useful content. Google may be rewarding content higher if it has more syllables per word, more words per sentence, and a higher ratio of rarely used words. So, you need to make a commitment to reduce your content-related stress. You can create a content template; or focus on answering simple questions by writing a blog making your emails more relevant to your readers; or find the right tools to help you share better content, which will save you time.

Enrich Your Calls To Action – cater to your audience when creating your calls-to-action. Try and speak directly to the consumer and address their needs. Help the customer by making it as easy as possible to comprehend what the action is – for example, Free Quote, Get Started, and Click to Download are more effective than Submit. Have the text that appears on the button reflect the outcome.

Eliminate bad habits – if you are always waiting to the last minute to decide what content you are going to have in your emails or are going months without contacting your list, you need to alter this behavior. You also need to ask for permission before adding someone to your email list. Grow your list the proper way in 2014, not by purchasing an email list full of people who do not know your business, but instead by allowing people to opt-in which will improve your list responsiveness.

*Did You Know – A 2013 survey showed only 8 percent of people follow through with their resolutions all the way. A quarter of those people will not even make it past the first week.

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