Here’s Why Domain Reputation Can’t Be Ignored

Are you experiencing problems with your email marketing strategy? Do your emails go straight to the Spam folder in Gmail (and other webmail services)? If so, you should consider checking your sender domain reputation.

Why you mustn’t allow low domain reputation

There are many ways to maintain your Domain reputation. This including signing your mail, keeping the lists clean and following the proper sending practices. More importantly, your brand is the number one priority for ISP filtering decisions. Thus, here are some of the reasons why you mustn’t allow low domain reputation in the future:

Inefficient email deliverability

Sending a bunch of emails to many recipients seems like an efficient marketing strategy, right? Of course, bulk emails can be a great way of promoting your products. However, be sure to maintain a high domain reputation.

Your domain credibility will determine where your emails will go – to the junk mail folder or the inbox. Webmail services detect the reputation of the sender’s IP address and the domain the emails are sent from. If the recipient’s webmail service detects that the sender is known to deliver bad content, their emails will be labeled as spam.

Also, don’t expect to have high reputation if you’ve never sent bulk emails before. This reputation has to be earned by delivering quality content and keeping your history clean of spamming and malicious mail. You can open a subdomain and send your emails from there so as to avoid jeopardizing your main domain.

Here's Why Domain Reputation Can't Be Ignored

Use the ISP’s offer to provide feedback loops that are efficient at getting information on the reason your recipients are complaining about your emails. The feedback will help you create better content and learn what recipients want.

Lastly, don’t forget to experiment with a new marketing technique once in a while. Create a consistent sending schedule to avoid spikes that may prove crucial in affecting your domain reputation badly.

Subscribers won’t receive your newsletters

Using popular webmail services like Yahoo and Gmail may be one of the reasons you can’t deliver your newsletters. These services are very strict when it comes to using their domain. Hence, if they detect low domain reputation, your emails will be automatically sent to the spam folder of your recipients. Therefore, it’s better to use your own domain to send newsletters. Just don’t forget to regularly check its reputation.

High domain reputation is built on scheduled and consistent email delivery and quality content. Avoid including only images or text in your newsletters. Instead, create newsletters with both images and simple, but creative text that will capture the attention of the reader.

Do a regular domain reputation check by using a free checker online. Checking your domain will inform you whether it’s necessary to improve your content or stay on the same path. Avoid excessive use of exclamation points and phrases like Click here or Win $1,000,000 as a clickbait.

Don’t send newsletters to many people from the same company at once. Companies have a smart email firewall feature that can label your emails as spam. Readers pay more attention to email content because it only contains important information, as opposed to social media ads.

Low sender score

The sender score is just as valuable and important as the domain reputation. These two are connected via the IP address and the mail server you are using. Furthermore, the importance of the score is measured by giving weight to many factors that must not be compromised at all.

Pay attention to the IP address ratings as you would to the domain’s reputation. Otherwise, your emails will go directly to the spam folder. By authenticating your IP address, you will avoid having a low sender score and domain reputation, which is essential in order to prove you’re not sending any spam mail.

Here's Why Domain Reputation Can't Be Ignored

Thanks to the sender authentication feature, ISPs can identify your IP address and its action of sending emails to any domain. Afterwards, the ISPs will start monitoring your emails and know whether you are abusing their permission or not. If it’s abused, your IP score will suffer and your emails will be labeled as spam.

The sender score can be negatively affected by complaints regarding your IP address. The complaint rate is important for your domain reputation and IP address. This score will not be affected if you receive 100 complaints about 10,000 emails you’ve sent. But if you receive 99 complaints for every 100 emails sent, your score will suffer a major blow.

Bad email marketing

Good domain reputation and a reputable IP address are crucial for effective email marketing. Marketing companies make a fortune by sending bulk emails to specific mailing lists. And yet, 90% of the emails were considered spam in 2012 only because businesses had underestimated the reputation of their domains.

The success of your email marketing strategy largely depends on the reputation of your domain and IP address. More than 77% of the deliverability problems are a result of the sender’s low reputation. Meanwhile, 23% of the issues can be attributed to low-quality content, whereas 6% are linked to the reputation of the domains included in the content.

To improve your email marketing strategies, you have to deliver a consistent volume of emails to your sending list. Next, avoid cold IP addresses without any reputation at all. Build your domain reputation before you start sending bulk emails and hope they won’t end up in the spam folder. Lastly, never fail to deliver quality content to your mailing list. Otherwise, your domain will get blacklisted and you’ll have to start anew.

Here's Why Domain Reputation Can't Be Ignored

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