Autoresponder Conditions Added

A New Type of Condition has been added when you create an ‘Autoresponder’ in the autoresponder management area. Basically, you can send out an autoresponder based on Not Clicked or Not Opened.


To set up a ‘scheduled autoresponder’ – Not open or Not Clicked – requires you to complete the following information.

  1. Autoresponder name:             Enter your autoresponder name
  2. Autoresponder type:               Select ‘Scheduled’
  3. Type of condition:                    Select ‘Not Open’ or ‘Not Clicked’
  4. When to start sending:           Select a time for your AR to be sent
  5. Campaign:                                   Select a campaign in the list
  6. Condition:                                    Select greater than, less than , equal to
  7. Days                                               Enter X of days


In Step 2 of the Autoresponder wizard you need to enter the required fields. Also in this step, you may choose to track links and the ‘Use My Own Domain’ feature then hit the ‘NEXT’ button to continue.ar2

In Step 3 of the wizard you create your email campaign. When done hit the ‘NEXT’ button to continue.ar3

In Step 4 of the wizard you can track and mask the links inside your campaign. You need to select a category because this is important for reporting and for setting up autoresponders based on category action, i.e.  ‘opens’ and  ‘clicks’. When done hit the ‘NEXT’ button to continue.


Step 5 of the wizard allows you to send a test, preview a campaign, or check do a spam test.


To enable your autoresponder, click CAMPAIGNS and select AUTORESPONDERS and select the autoresponder ID you want enabled. Then click the ENABLED SELECTED button and the status changes from disable to enable.



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