Automate Smarter, Deliver Better: Introducing Day & Time Targeting

Say goodbye to email scheduling woes and hello to laser-focused automation! We’re excited to unveil a trio of powerful new features that give you ultimate control over when your important messages reach your audience. No more accidental weekend blasts or holiday faux pas – now you can deliver with precision and finesse.

And how do you get access to all of these features? That’s simple, you just place a “wait” block in your automation, and tick the “Enable time and day settings” checkbox.

1. Time-Based Delivery:

Craft the perfect time window for your messages. Birthday wishes at midnight? Sales notifications during peak shopping hours? You got it! Define your ideal timeframe, and your emails will automatically arrive within that window, maximizing engagement and landing when recipients are most receptive.

How it works: You define a time window at which it’s ok to send this email. And yes, you can put the same time in both dropdowns if you want an exact time. 

When a user reaches this point at the journey, our system checks if they’re within this time window. If not, it waits until they reach this time window before proceeding.

2. Selective Day Targeting:

Imagine weekends off-limits and weekdays as your playground. With Selective Day Targeting, you choose the exact days your automated campaigns roll out. Want to prioritize weekdays for business communications or skip busy holiday Mondays? 

Simply pick and choose – your emails automatically follow your schedule. Hitting an excluded day? No worries! It waits patiently until the next eligible one, ensuring seamless delivery and respecting your audience’s preferences.

How it works: You define the days at which it’s ok to send this email. When a user reaches this point at the journey, our system checks if this is happening on an “approved” weekday. If not, it waits until the first weekday that matches your rules, and proceeds at that point.

3. Holiday Exclusions:

Holidays deserve their own spotlight! Our built-in calendar lets you select specific dates for your campaigns to avoid. No more New Year’s Eve blasts or Thanksgiving Day promotions – respect the season and avoid cluttering inboxes during special occasions.

How it works: Just click on the days that you want to declare as “non-sending” days.

Typically you will use this for Holidays, but you can set any day of the year that you want excluded.

Here’s what you gain:

– Soaring Engagement: Deliver at the peak of your audience’s activity, boosting open rates and click-throughs.

– Enhanced Deliverability: Respecting expectations and avoiding busy periods reduces the risk of landing in spam.

– Elevated Brand Perception: Show your audience you understand their time and preferences, building trust and positive associations.

– Effortless Automation: Set it and forget it! Schedule your campaigns once, and our platform handles the rest.

– Ready to supercharge your email automation? Explore these game-changing features today and discover the power of delivering the right message, at the right time, on the right day (and excluding the wrong ones!).

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