WP Fusion + Emercury

If you use WordPress, you’re going to love this! We just approved the WP Fusion integration with Emercury. WP Fusion is the leading sync plugin. Basically it automatically syncs and automate data between WordPress, your other WordPress plugins and Emercury

Why is that so exciting? Well, how about I give you just a few random examples.

– If you sell courses on your website, you can actually choose whether a subscriber has access to a lesson based on their tags in Emercury. You can give them an Emercury tag based on whether they finished watching a video, and so much more.

– Actually, you can make any content conditional, or dynamically visible based on their status in Emercury. Yes, people will see different content based on their tags in Emercury.

– And yes, that also means you can conditionally display Emercury data on your WordPress pages. It is now all accesible to WordPress

– And it’s not just WordPress Core or course creation plugins. WP Fusion integrates with (in real time) with a ton of plugins.

– Let’s say that you use a booking, event or calendar plugin. Well, you can now automatically trigger an email sequence in Emercury the moment a person purchases a ticket or books for an event.

– Are you in E-Commerce? WP Fusion has deep integration with all the E-commerce plugins, that means you can automatically react to, and sync data about things such as purchase history, apply different tags to people based on purchases, trigger automations in Emercury off of that, and so much more.

– If you run an SaaS or membership site and you use an access/membership plugin to control access, you’ll love the fact that WP Fusion has deep integration with all the major membership/access plugins. There are literally hundreds of examples of what’s possible with this.

– Again, these are just random examples out of the thousands of things that are now possible with the WP Fusion Integration. To get some more ideas, please see the WP Fusion list of supported plugins. It’s huge.

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