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How iPhone 6 Help Affiliate Marketers

Recent reports have pointed to the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone line of smartphones,...
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Catch Up with Yahoo and Gmail

Last year, Yahoo decided to close inactive email accounts and allowed the email addresses...
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How Big Companies Are Using Email Marketing To Deliver The Best Service Ever

Despite the presence of newer communication channels like social media and instant messaging, email...
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Advise From Emercury’s Most Successful Clients

There is a very good reason why user testimonial is more credible than any...
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Examples of Brilliant Email Marketing

Despite its age and the appearance of other communication platforms, email is still one...
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How Emercury Can Automate Your Email Marketing

Automated systems, by design, are a boon to email marketers. By taking care of...
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Email Booboos and How Emercury Can Help

It’s common practice among email marketers to test everything before they send out a...
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Understanding Facebook’s Targeting Options

After a few false starts, Facebook has finally proven itself as a legitimate advertising...
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Emercury’s Ad Plan Recommendation

If you want to be a successful email marketer, you need to accept that...
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Emercury Allows You to Have Dynamic Content

CTAs or Call-To-Actions are arguably the most important part of any marketing campaign, as...
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How Emercury’s Double Opt In Can Help You

The issue of choosing between double opt-in and single opt-in list confirmation is divisive,...
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What You Should Know About Canadian Legislation

One thing that you have to remember with eMercury is that we have customers...
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