Site & Event Tracking

This feature is so advanced and so exciting that I can’t possibly even list all the exciting things that are now possible. To get some sense, you can read our article – why behavior triggered email marketing is changing email. But wait, this event-tracking feature is unlike anything you’ve seen or heard of. We didn’t want […]

Site & Event Tracking in Emercury

We are always excited whenever we release features to help Emercury users get the most out of email marketing. However, with the release of the site & event tracking system, we are more excited than ever before. And if you understand everything that’s possible now that you get access to this technology, you will be […]

17 Simple Steps For Smarter (And More Profitable) Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are the most profitable way to create and retain customers. In fact, email marketing has such a high return that you will see a decent profit even if you’re not very good at it. Unfortunately, that makes a lot of marketers settle for mediocre results. As a company that’s passionate about seeing people […]

Steal These Eight Welcome Email Templates, Boost Profits Immediately

You know that saying “the money is in the list”? It refers to the fact that dollar-for-dollar, email marketing is the single most profitable marketing channel, and it’s unlikely to be dethroned soon. Provided that your email deliverability, subject lines and email content are at least decent, every single email broadcast that you send will […]

Best Practices for Welcome Emails

You know all those sayings about the importance of first impressions? Welcome emails are kind of like that, except for your business. It is this pivotal moment in the customer journey where you get to make a great impression that influences everything that follows. And just like real-life impressions, the key is to communicate enough […]

7 Secrets to Profitable Landing Pages

Are you trying to learn everything you can about using landing pages for your business? Do you want to see your profits increase? If so, you might want to keep reading. You see, here at Emercury we specialize in helping our customers get the most out of their marketing efforts. While we are a marketing-automation […]

When To Use Email Automation Vs Email Broadcast (Bulk) Messaging

  One of the most common issues I see with unsuccessful email marketers today is that they fall in one of two imbalanced camps. Either they’ve bought all the hype about “broadcast emailing being history” and they obsess about fancy automation techniques. Or they’re stuck in the past and do all of their marketing through […]

Conversion Automation with Monetization Workflow

In this article I will discuss how to create an automation that works on converting your lead and then monetizing it after conversion Conversion Automation Workflow First I’ll start with the situation where you may be trying to still convert your lead. In this example the lead started to fill out a form and never […]

A Beginners Guide to Email Automation

New advances in email automation will revolutionize email marketing. This might sound like a bold claim, but it’s one we can make with 100% confidence. To understand why this is so, you need to understand the nature of email marketing and how it works. Or more specifically “why it works as well as it does”. […]

Here’s How You can Supercharge Email Engagement

Mastering email engagement is crucial if you want to make money with email marketing. It isn’t enough to just create email lists and fill them up with subscribers. You have to know how to keep these subscribers engaged and interested. If you think about email marketing in general, it is an excellent way to reach […]

Using Lead Magnet Forms in Email Automation

Nothing else will get quality hot leads into your email automation as quickly as a quality lead magnet. Consider this, a lead magnet is a bundle of massive value, one that you’re giving away for free. It is so valuable that people are willing to trade their email to get it. It’s essentially the marketing equivalent of a […]