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WP Fusion + Emercury

If you use WordPress, you’re going to love this! We just approved the WP Fusion integration with Emercury. WP Fusion is the leading sync plugin. Basically it automatically syncs and automate data between WordPress, your other WordPress plugins and Emercury Why is that so exciting? Well, how about I give you just a few random examples. […]


A webhook lets an app pass information to other apps in near real-time. This could mean notifying a private application developed just for you, or a way to notify another 3rd party application that accepts POST requests. In Emercury, webhooks are used to send data from your account into another system or database that has […]

Site & Event Tracking

This feature is so advanced and so exciting that I can’t possibly even list all the exciting things that are now possible. To get some sense, you can read our article – why behavior triggered email marketing is changing email. But wait, this event-tracking feature is unlike anything you’ve seen or heard of. We didn’t want […]