Developer Fund

Get Paid To Develop

We’d like to support you while you enrich our community.


The Emercury Developer Fund is set up to support the developers, designers and entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the community while building solutions. It could be integrations, apps or something else, if you have an idea, tell us about it.

What wer’e looking for

Our primary focus are tools that will make Emercury more accessible to people with special focus given to applications who’d like to integrate Emercury with their platform. Projects and tools that lead to enhanced functionality for Emercury’s users will be welcome too.

What do you get?

Tell us about your project and if we think it’s going to benefit Emercury’s customers and help Emercury grow, we will provide the funds to help you build it.

How to apply

Please read the full details about the fund and what we’re looking for here. Then simply email us at and tell us about yourself, your past work and what you have in mind for Emercury.