Email Blast Marketing

Business Email Blast: Is It For You?

Business Email Blast has been an increasingly popular tool for online marketing campaigns. Both large and small online businesses depend upon it for their success. Have you ever considered using email blast marketing for your business? Find out how, we at Emercury can impact your business with email blast marketing.

What is Email Blast?

Email blast is the process of contacting a large number of potential customers through email. You can think of business email blast as the online equivalent of direct mail. However, one of the biggest differences between direct mail and an online email blast is the fact that we can personalize every single email that is sent out.

How does Email Blast Work?

Once, you have a list of recipients ready, we will include the name of every recipient in the business email blast, making it far more personal, and thus, more effective than direct mail. We will design a unique and customized template to suit your exact needs to create the body copy of the email. Then we merge the email body copy with the list of recipients. This allows us to send out a large number of emails to your prospective customers at a time.

How can Email Blast Be Used?

There are many ways in which you can use email blast marketing. To begin with, you can court potential customers by sending them regular emails which promote your product and your brand. Email blast can also be used to increase sales from existing customers by increasing repeat sales. You can send regular emails to your existing customers offering new products, new process, discounts, sales etc. ensuring that your product and brand have top of the mind recall. You can also use business email blast to conduct surveys to gain insight into your product line or marketing strategy.

DIY or Service Providers?

A large number of people, especially small business owners are tempted to handle email blast marketing on their own with basic templates. This is simply because it looks like a very easy task to manage. It is no doubt easy, but it doesn’t necessarily give you the best output. However, to remain at the cutting edge of email blast marketing, it is best that you use a service provider like Emercury. We, at Emercury ensure that you have access to the best and the brightest systems and processes at your disposal. You don’t need to restrict yourself to basic templates, when advanced technology is available to create customized solutions for you.