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The Power of a Clean List: How Email List Hygiene Drives Results

When it comes to email marketing, results are the name of the game. And nothing destroys your bottom line results like bad email list hygiene. Also, contrary to popular belief, “list hygiene” is not just about removing old and bounced emails. That’s more like the spring-cleaning part of it. Bad hygiene practices go beyond just […]

B2C Marketing Automation for the Busy Entrepreneur

Being a busy entrepreneur can get overwhelming at times, and result in neglecting your marketing. However this is a surefire way to kill your business growth. Fortunately, B2C marketing automation is here to save the day, and remove much of that burden. And the good news is that if you’re in B2C, marketing automation is […]

Crush Your Email Bounce Rate with These Proven Tactics

Do you like wasting money for no good reason? Nobody does. But that’s exactly what happens when you let your email marketing result in a needlessly high bounce rate. I think most people underestimate just how serious bounced emails are. You have to understand that a bounced email has repercussions well beyond just not delivering […]