Email Campaigns

What Are Email Campaigns?

Email campaigns involve marketing your goods to customers through the use of email. This email could be in the form of advertisements, it could be a letter request your patronage for business, or it could just be an email to build up awareness and loyalty to a brand. When it is sent to old customers, it usually helps to build up brand loyalty. When sent to new customers, it helps to expand customer base and sales. Named after the Messenger God and the God of trade and commerce, Emercury excels at providing solutions to email marketers by ensuring enhanced visibility.

Emercury – Targeting The Right Customer

The purpose of sending an email is to effect a purchase or to build up a favorable response from potential customers. Adequate and thorough market research ensures that the emails are delivered to the right set of clients who would generate a positive feedback. The emails sent in an email campaign provide information which is relevant to the product and helps the customer to make the right decision. Emails, sent by Emercury, ensure that every email is monetized. It builds up a communication link between the customer and the email marketer, so there is constant feedback on the products and services offered.

Email Campaigns Made Effective

Emercury ensures that email campaigns can be organized from anywhere where there is internet. There is no software that has to be installed on your system. The audience it tries to target is very specific. An extensive database is created of customer likes and preferences based on prior research. The aim of Emercury is that every email campaign must produce results and therefore their job does not end with merely creating and sending an email. Using tools like auto responders, Emercury converts a virtual clientele into your loyal customers.

Emercury – Organizing A Customer Database

Emercury has realized the importance of behavioral email marketing. This is the technique by which it collects information about the likes and dislikes and behavior patterns of a population base. This information is further analyzed and classified on the basis of various criteria so that specific campaigns can target specific groups of people. When you employ the services of Emercury, you can be sure that your products and services are getting the maximum possible visibility. An email campaign is cheaper when compared to traditional methods of advertisement and you are assured of tremendous saving without compromising on publicity. When there is brand recognition, there is movement of traffic to your website, many of which could result in sales.