Journey Builder : Build highly-customizable email

Build highly-customizable email Journeys!

Create a real customer journey, using our drag-n-drop based builder that automates your efforts even more.

Create The Journey Based on IF Conditions

The Journey Builder supports the use of IF statements, making it easy to personalize the experience for each segment of your email list using Tags and Field Checks.

Start The Journey Based on Triggers

Start your campaign by a specific lead behavior. This will allow you to build a highly customizable response for almost any situation in your marketing.

Trigger by Clicks

Send different sets of emails based on different clicks within an email.

Trigger by Signup Date

Start a welcome campaign as soon as someone signs up or purchases a product from your cart or joins your list.

Trigger by tagged events

Start an email campaign after a particular custom event of your own creation.

Set up actions based on triggers and tags

You can adjust your messaging strategy based on the information in the list and behaviour of your subscribers. You will be able to:

  • Send specific messages
  • Wait a specific amount of time
  • Add or Remove Tags
  • Update fields
  • Select or move your list segments

Control your contact lists

The Journey Builder makes it easy to manipulate your list based on lead’s behaviour. You can automatically apply tags and move leads to different lists depending on where they are in their journey.

Manage new subscribers effortlessly

Connect sign-up forms and lead magnets directly to the Journey Builder, so the new leads are immediately engaged and being nurtured towards the sale by your amazing emails.

Track Everything

We know how gathering right statistics and insights is crucial for growing your lead base. That is why we built some powerful tracking tools so everything is available at your fingertips.

Do A/B Tests

Split test different campaigns to know which one drives the most engagement and adjust accordingly.

Get ECMP reports

Know when how much revenue you generate per subscriber with our ECMP report tool.

Track Spam Complaints

Know how many of them actually hit that “Spam” button and who they are.

Track Open Rates

Know the percetange of your emails that got delivered but not opened to optimize your campaign for better reach.

Track CTR

Know the exact Click Through Rate of your links in your campaigns.

Track Hard/Soft Bounces

Know when your message didn’t get delivered for technical reasons and what most likely was the issue.

UTM Tracking

Know the percetange of your emails that got delivered but not opened to optimize your campaign for better reach.

URL Tracking

Know the percetange of your emails that got delivered but not opened to optimize your campaign for better reach.

Connect with your favorite apps

We know how difficult it is to import and export contacts so we tried to make it one step easier for you.

Seamlessly add your contacts to Emercury with apps you are using to collect your contacts.

Manage Subscribers with ease

We know how painful it is to manage big lists of subscribers. That is why we came up with features that make the process effortless such as:

Segmented Lists

Divide and conquer. Make Segmeneted Lists to send personalized message to different audiences or A/B test your campaign.

Bulk Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe a bunch of subscribers from your list in one shot.

Suppression Lists

Select people to ignore for selected campaigns, Easily import md5 suppression lists.

Tagging Subscribers

Tag your subscribers with identifiers
so you can send messages based on those tags via an email marketing automation or segment that data to do a broadcast message.

Robust Search Function

Find your contacts easy with our powerful search tool that penetrates through all your campaigns.

Never-Email List

Never-Email allows your subscribers to
opt out of all email marketing messages. If they are on this list and you import them into your list you can rest assured they will never be emailed.

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Personal Email Marketing specialist for each account

We value our client’s results. That is why we assign a dedicated marketing specialist from our staff to help you set up your campaigns. Our marketing and deliverability savvy team will help you with any difficulty you encounter.

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A Great Way To Manage Campaigns

Its email automation campaign functionality allows to send emails to customers with a large margin, they also constantly add new functions to stay ahead, I also like how I can create my own email templates or use the html editor to Coding a template from scratch, the software is very intuitive and easy to use, with a good amount of features, it is also very easy to load contacts and select which ones to target per campaign.

Krystal S
Digital Marketing Specialist
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)