Email Broadcaster

Sometimes you need to talk to everyone at once

Broadcast emailing your campaigns with a high degree of deliverability and personalization is now finally possible.

Customize Sender information

Customize your email broadcasts with branded URLs and sender address so you are able to control your email reputation and the way you are perceived by your recipients.

Personalize your broadcasts
and set up Mail-Merge

Customize each email with merge tags based on information from the lists to make the connection with your clients more personal.

Design your Emails
with Drag-n-Drop

Create responsive emails with our real time drag-n-drop template editor. And you can always open source code and tinker with it manually! Start from scratch or use one of our templates!

Test Multiple Variations,
and see which one Wins

Automated A/B split testing takes your broadcast emailing results to a whole new level. Just set a winning condition and let it run. Once we have a winner, the rest of your audience will receive the winning campaign.

Email Deliverability is our Middle Name

Delivery Management
Work wth our delivery management team to get insight on your delivery metrics and to get a customized ramp up schedule just to fit your needs and your subscriber enagement rate.

Advanced Alerting System
Alerts to help with delivery. Realtime alerts on URL blacklisting, deferrals, content blocking, dkim or spf fail to work.

Email Content Scoring
Use our proprietary spam checker to score your content on the last step of your campaign. Make adjustments and check again.

Work with a Delivery Expert

We are by your side the whole way through. We are truly your partner in delivery and success. Work with an expert on an email strategy and reputation for exceptional deliverability. With a dedicated email expert on your side, you’ll see a marked improvement in your email program and deliverability.

Experts In Deliverabiliy

Having access to 3 experts who truly guide me to better engagement and deliverability. Anytime I need assistance, the appropriate expert is readily available to help me accomplish whatever I need. These guys aren’t your typical support guys – they are seasoned industry experts who provide solutions as well as explanations, and even assistance in doing the legwork.

Kirk W

Director of Operations
Investment Management
Small-Business (11-50 employees)

Easy process

the List


and Personalize


Send and Track
your emails


Get Results
and Iterate


Track Everything

We know how gathering right statistics and insights is crucial for growing your lead base. That is why we built some powerful tracking tools so everything is available at your fingertips.

Do A/B Tests

Split test different broadcasts to know which campaign drives the most engagement and adjust accordingly.

Get ECMP reports

Know when and how much revenue you generate per subscriber with our ECMP report tool.

Track Spam Complaints

Know how many of them actually hit that “Spam” button and who they are.

Track Open Rates

Know what percentage of your broadcast emails got delivered, but were not opened, in order to optimize for better reach.

Track CTR

See the exact Click Through Rate for all of your broadcasts. Understand the exact ROI that you get from all of your broadcast emailing efforts.

Track Hard/Soft Bounces

Know when your message didn’t get delivered for technical reasons and instantly find out what was the most likely issue at hand.

UTM Tracking

Get precise ROI tracking on every broadcast campaign. Just let our software insert and track those UTMs for you.

URL Tracking

See which URLs are getting clicked and use this to identify interest levels in leads, segment them out and send different broadcasts to different segments.

Personal Email Marketing specialist for each account

We value our client’s results. That is why we assign a dedicated marketing specialist from our staff to help you set up your campaigns. Our marketing and deliverability savvy team will help you with any difficulty you encounter.

You are in good company

Join 10,000+ marketers & business owners who are already using Emercury to successfully deliver their email messages and engage their customers.

Start broadcast emailing like a pro today

Try it for free. No credit card, no setup, no hassle.

“Emercury was beneficial”

“It was perfect for sending out thousand of emails”

Brittany K
Marketing and Legal
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Broadcast Emailing FAQ

Can you still get results by broadcast emailing your campaigns?
Absolutely! In fact most big profits in email marketing are still achieved through broadcast emailing your special one-off campaigns and promotions.

With all the hype about email automation recently, some people have gotten the wrong impression that automated emailing features replace broadcast emailing features.

This isn’t the case! In fact, the two serve different purposes and complement each other. That’s why Emercury works hard to make sure we stay on the cutting-edge for both types of emailing service.

This means that you get both the most modern automated emailing features, and the best modern broadcast emailing features.

How can I make sure that my broadcast emailing efforts do not land me in the “bulk mail” category?
This is why we talk about modern broadcast emailing features. Long gone are the days when sending a broadcast meant everyone on your list getting the exact same email at the same time.

With features such as custom events, tagging, and our advanced segment builder, you can finely segment out your lists. This allows you to send email broadcasts that are a lot more personalized, and a far cry from “bulk mail”.

Does your broadcast emailer guarantee delivery?
Deliverability is our middle name! In fact this is the main reason why so many experienced marketers are moving their email marketing campaigns to Emercury. We are the only platform which is obsessed with getting you the best possible delivery with all of your broadcast emailing endeavors.
Do you offer a free trial?
We offer something much better! Our pricing plans are based on the level of service, not features. This means that you can fully test out all of our high-quality broadcast emailing features by getting the forever-free plan. And if you want to experience the kind of premium service and attention you can get with the paid plans, go ahead and schedule a free demo.