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As an email marketing automation platform, Emercury can help you get more clients and help your clients’ grow automate their email marketing efforts with ease.

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Emercury gives you the tools and support you need to not only get your clients up and running but to keep them growing.

Enjoy a centralized panel and manage all of your clients’ in one place

Since we know that agencies are fast-paced organizations, we allow you to manage multiple accounts in one dashboard and offer multiple account users for free. You can set your own plans to customize your customer needs.

Create emails, autoresponders and automations that fit every brands needs

Setup automations with ease with our drag and drop automation platform. Need advice on how to maximize your automation efforts, ask your assigned automation specialist.

Reporting and analytics at your fingertips

Reporting and sharing your impressive open rates and ROI metrics is easy with our in-depth analytics tools. Track client activity to discover what’s working (and what’s not) so you can discuss ways to improve strategy and see higher results.

A/B test messages and send only the best version of your client’s email

Why guess at which subject line or email template your client’s subscribers will love the most? Our easy split-testing tool allows you to send multiple versions of an email to a sample audience for performance testing. The winning message is automatically sent to the remaining audience to optimize open rates and click-throughs.

We have email marketing specialists on staff

Whether you need advise on how to optimize an email automation, or help with improving delivery we have a specialist for that. Just reach out and watch how our team dies right in to assist you and your clients.

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