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Delivery Resources

MX Toolbox SPF Record Check
Sender Policy Framework (SPF) verification.

Mx Toolbox Reverse DNS and Open Relay Check
Verify Reverse DNS is set up and your email server is not allowing others to maliciously use it.

Trusted Source Reputation Check
McAfee IP and Domain reputation tool

Talos Reputation Check
Cisco IP and Domain reputation tool

Watchguard Borderware Reputation Check
Watchguard reputation tool

AOL Reputation Check
AOL IP reputation tool

IP Accreditation with SuretyMail
IP Accreditation servrice that ISPs use to check and verify reputation information. Additionally, they can assist with SPF, DKIM and rDNS, monitor and analyze feedback loops, and review sending practices.

Advertising Resources

Admailr – is a performance based Ad Campaign Management platform that inserts display or native advertisements into targeted email messages based on interest of the subscriber. This means every subscriber sees an ad catered to their interests and a higher click through rate.

Data Management Resources

WayPoint Software

Relevance Reactor



List Hygiene Resources

Email Oversight



Writing Resources

Writers Access: Top Content Writers on Demand. Access a Vast Network in the Cloud!

Constant Content: Buy unique articles & website content from our expert article writers – your one stop shop for ready made content, custom content & imagery.

NewsUSA: With a free membership, you can access more than 15,000 copyright-free, high-quality articles for print or the web. All articles are written by a professional staff of writers and editors. You can also automatically add NewsUSA content on your website through its RSS feeds.

PRWeb: PRWeb provides news releases free for publication. Find the latest releases on the PRWeb website, or subscribe to the site’s RSS feed to receive the latest news releases. You can also gain helpful tips for writing on the site.

Find Articles: This website provides free articles on business, reference, technology, arts, home and garden, sports, auto and health. Search for articles by topic or view the most recent additions.

Ezine Articles: These articles, written and submitted by members, are provided free of charge. You are not able to alter the articles and you must provide proper attribution. Access a host of articles on topics from business and finance, to health and fitness, to arts and entertainment, and everything in between.

FreeSticky: The FreeSticky web team locates and reviews the best free and low-cost content for the web-then makes it available for you on the FreeSticky website. You can access website content on a variety of subjects, as well as share your own content on the site.

Media Bistro Freelance Marketplace: Media Bistro, an organization for those in the content and creative industry, offers a database of freelance writers on its site. Access the portfolios of writers by expertise, specialty or location, or use the advanced search tool to locate a writer that fits your needs.

Images and Photos

Free Digital Photos: These free photos can be used for both corporate and personal projects for print or the web. No registration is required, and you can download images immediately.

FreeFoto: The site offers nearly 130,000 free images in more than 3,400 categories. Commercial and non-commercial parties can use images for online purposes with proper attribution.

Free Photos Bank: All images are free for use on the web or in print. The site also offers an interactive tool for users to rate images. Search on your own for images, or access the most popular images.

iStockphoto: Access royalty-free photos, illustrations, video, audio and Flash files from more than 70,000 artists. You can opt for a pay-as-you-go credit system or a subscription plan.

Stock.XCHNG: The site offers more than 350,000 photos by more than 30,000 photographers. By becoming a member, you gain free access to all photos and graphics.

Other Helpful Links

CAN-SPAM Act compliance
A compliance guide for businesses
Make sure you are always in compliance with spam laws.

Definition and thorough explanation of what DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is and how it is used.

DMARC Generator

Check your existing DMARC record or generate a new one 

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
Purpose and Definition of Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

Feedback Loops
The feedback loop provides a way for email service providers to notify you when someone marks your email as “spam” in their email client. If you don’t set up a feedback look with the major email companies, you will not know when someone accuses you of sending spam. Over time this harms your reputation since those marking your email as spam are not removed from your distribution list.
Here are links to set up a feedback loop at several of the major email service providers

Note that Gmail does not currently provide a feedback loop, but instead is offering notification using the List-Unsubscribe header. If your email server is authenticated with SPF and DKIM, has a good reputation, and you use a List-Unsubscribe header, you will be notified when your recipient clicks to unsubscribe.


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