Voted High Performer as an Email Marketing Platform on the Market

G2 Crowd lists Emercury as a High Performing Platform in the Email Marketing software space, with a combination of performance and customer satisfaction that outranks any other software provider.

With powerful capabilities for nurturing leads into customers, increasing customer retention, converting more sales and most importantly saving you and your organization time, Emercury provides the most customer-focused solution for follow up needs.

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Dependable EPS who actually cares for your success

Michael and his team are all extremely helpful and hands on. They have all the tools and services to help you reach your marketing goals, regardless of your level of experience in email marketing. Their pricing structure is also very convenient because it allows you to pick the pricing model that suits you best.

Hamlet K.
May 24, 2018

Ideal for any marketing specialist who wants to ensure the success of their work.

Emercury is a completely innovative and exemplary email marketing platform among all its competitors. With emercury you can develop and expand large campaigns in a personalized way. The software has valuable tools such as A/B test, Drip Campaigns, WYSIWYG editor, robust analysis, among others. Emercury’s interface is truly innovative, very easy to use and quite robust to work with comfort, the service has a quite friendly cost, in general it is a very good tool.

User in Information Technology and Services
@ Small-Business
Sep 22, 2020

Exceptional delivery and dedication from the team

The team at Emercury is nothing short of amazing when onboarding new clients. They develop a plan to make sure you are inboxing, quickly. The attention needed for this process is enormous, but they are the leading experts in delivery from my 20+ years of experience. The platform is clean, intuitive and reliable. Plus, they are constantly adding new features to keep ahead of the end users.

Scott C
Principal Owner
@ 360 Strategy Group
Oct 18, 2018

Consultative and proactive, these are the qualities that set eMercury apart.

From top to bottom, customer service at eMercury is second-to-none. From the initial onboarding to API set-up and automation, I am in direct contact with each specialist necessary to helping me overcome a specific challenge.

For example, my tech knowledge is lesser than my marketing expertise. eMercury recognised this and checked my work at each stage of my onboarding to ensure all set-up was done correctly.

The level of personal service. Unlike some monolith ESPs, you are on first-name terms with the owner and other key support personnel working on your account. They care about your success and helping you to develop your eCRM expertise, automation and email strategy.

Consultative and proactive, these are the qualities that set eMercury apart.

Tom H
May 16, 2019

Highly Recommend Emercury

Using Emercury was quite easy to get started with. The support was top notch and always available via Skype/email/phone.

Kyle C
Owner, Small-Business
May 14, 2019

Excellent Platform to Convert Email Leads!

Clear Automation Tools + Top Notch Service.

Elias S
from Small-Business
Nov 24, 2020

Great way to manage email campaigns

Its email automation campaign functionality allows to send emails to customers with a large margin, they also constantly add new functions to stay ahead, I also like how I can create my own email templates or use the html editor to Coding a template from scratch, the software is very intuitive and easy to use, with a good amount of features, it is also very easy to load contacts and select which ones to target per campaign.
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Krystal S
Digital Marketing Specialist
Jul 28, 2020

Great ESP!

I’ve been using eMercury for years and have had great success with. Their deliverability help is great.

Jon C
Sep 24, 2019

Experts In Deliverability

Having access to 3 experts who truly guide me to better engagement and deliverability. Anytime I need assistance, the appropriate expert is readily available to help me accomplish whatever I need. These guys aren’t your typical support guys – they are seasoned industry experts who provide solutions as well as explanations, and even assistance in doing the legwork.

Kirk W.
Director of Operations
at Green Investment Management, Inc.
May 24, 2018

Greatest Emailing Platform of All Time

All the features needed, best support and knowledgeable staff with amazing delivery. I always recommend emercury to any of our clients.

One 506 Media Inc. / eCentaur
Oct 18, 2018

Easy to use and great support

I have used other email platforms and I find the eMercury platform is easy to use and feature rich. It is able to do pretty much anything we need it to do.

Chris P.
Managing Partner at SI Marketing
LLC d/b/a MonsterAds
Oct 23, 2018

Experience is key

The team at eMercury has been doing this a long time and their extensive knowledge in email marketing and working with domains, maintaining a clean ip environment to allow marketers to be successful makes them the leader in direct email.

Gregg W
Director Of Affiliate Relations
Marketing and Advertising
Nov 20, 2018

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