Autoresponder features

With Emercury’s event-based triggers, you can send an autoresponder to readers based on

  • when an email is opened,
  • when a URL is clicked,
  • when someone opts into a newsletter using a form or based on your imported optin date, added date.

We can even send our event based triggers based on Categories of an email or sending different responses based on different clicks within an email. How cool is that?

Trigger Events by Clicks

Maybe you want to send a different sets of emails based on different clicks within an email. Why would you want to be limited to just one general response based on a general click within an email like those other companies offer.

Trigger by Signup Date

Maybe you have a subscription service that you need to spread out a set of emails based on their signup date. It could be something as simple as a welcome email soon as someone signs up or purchases a product from you cart.

Event Based Triggers

How about a happy birthday or anniversary email? You can even send an email when someone buys a particular product, thanking them for the purchase – and maybe even showing them how to use it.

Schedule your Autoresponders

Choose the exact time of day you want your autoresponders to go out, or send it out immediately when the email is added to your list. We don’t limit you to waiting for a certain time to send an email like those other guys. Why wait when you can send it immediate. The faster you are in your subscribers head the better for you.

Set it and Forget it

After you set up an autoresponder, you don’t have to think about it again – we’ll make sure your campaigns get to your subscribers right on time. To get the most out of autoresponders, combine them with some of Emercury’s other features like list segmentation, Google Analytics integration, and dynamic recipient tags.

Email marketing is about matching your customers with exactly what they need, when they need it. That’s why autoresponders are so brilliant: they’re a series of messages that can be sent automatically as your customers reach different points in their relationship with you.

From welcome messages and webinar series invites to reminders about how many days are left in a free trial, autoresponders make keeping your brand in front of your customers effortless.

Other Features

Simple Reporting that allows you to monitor how email campaigns are performing in real time.
Social media integration so you can seamlessly create and share messages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Expert Customer Service that is with you every step of the way.

Join over 50,000 other companies that use Emercury to send emails with confidence, every time.


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