Senior Deliverability Analyst

This individual will be able to work from home from anywhere in the world.

Emercury is an innovative company looking to change the email industry and we believe we can do it. We are a rapidly growing company that provides its customers with a web-based e-mail marketing system that allows businesses and individuals to create, send, track and monetize email campaigns. We cater to the business/individual looking to monetize their digital communications whether it be through a newsletter or a direct mail offer or even an advertisement within an email communication.

A little about our culture

Respecting one another. This includes our customers, vendors, partners, and family.

Innovation. Always looking to create new things. When the world says it can’t be done we strive to prove them wrong.

Thirst for improvement. Always Striving to learn more whether it be through training, personal education or business education.

Fairness. We are big on this. Fairness to our customers. We don’t cheat even if it increases revenue. When we need to make a decision first think, is this fair.

Availability. Always being available to our team and our customers as well as our vendors and partners always being available to us. Whether it be by SMS or email or chat.

Trust & Reliability. We are a small company so we need to trust each other and be able to rely on each other to make sure we are all doing our part. Take ownership. Don’t point figures.

Fun. Remember to have fun. Work doesn’t always have to be a chore. It should be fun.

If you think you can fit within our company culture we want to hear from you.

Emercury is seeking an individual with expertise in both e-mail deliverability analytics, and MTA configuration and management to join our small, nimble, unique, and fun team. The Senior Email Deliverability Analyst will be responsible for investigating ISP/domain related deliverability issues and providing recommendations and solutions in order to address these issues. The Senior Email Deliverability Analyst will also be asked to manage projects tied to the overall deliverability function and will be a primary contributor for supporting all deliverability solutions and services. The individual should have a background in configuring MTA’s and understanding volume thresholds based on ISP and ramp up strategies based on performance and engagement of emails.


  • Analyzing, evaluating, and optimizing e-mail list performance.
  • Managing relationships with ISPs including whitelisting and feedback loop programs.
  • Monitoring deliverability metrics (delivered, bounced, inbox, filtered, black lists, etc.).
  • Auditing e-mail practices, registration sources, blacklisting’s, deliverability, and sender reputation.
  • Identifying, investigating and resolving domain/client issues
  • Advising internal teams on best e-mail sending strategies
  • Investigating/escalating suspect e-mail
  • Recommending projects/tools which will assist in overall deliverability
  • Streamlining current deliverability practices
  • Managing and maintaining SMTP senders.


  • Strong work history and references
  • Knowledge of SMTP protocols & SMTP related systems
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Superior written communication
  • Strong organization skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to lead and carry out tasks independently from a virtual office
  • 2-5 years’ experience in the area of deliverability and e-mail server administration.
  • Travel required for attendance to Email Conferences
  • This employee can work from a home office anywhere in the country provided high speed internet is available.

Bottom line: If it involves e-mail deliverability or SMTP management, you need to be the expert.