Emercury Ad Serving Network is an ad network for email. We help advertisers reach their target market through email communications, and we help email publishers reduce their mailing costs.

Why did we make this?

The idea came from affiliate networks sending out offers and constantly running into roadblocks of ESP's (Email Service Providers) blocking their accounts for too many offers being sent out. Most of the time offers were getting mailed and deleted or never reached the inbox. Inbox delivery was poor to say the least. This was their major pain.

Our publishers who were constantly mailing newsletters with good content were consistently looking to reduce costs in mailing. Isn't reducing operating cost on everyone's mind? These mailers would receive high activity within their emails and greater inbox delivery which resulted in higher opens and higher click throughs.

Our Solution is 3 fold

  • Provide a solution for the publishers to remove the mailing cost completely. Reduce operating costs!
  • Provide a solution for advertisers to get their emails into the inbox.
  • Provide a solution for email subscribers to only receive emails they want resulting in NO SPAM!

Reduce SPAM globally by delivering a solution that will allow advertisers to use only opted in communications to deliver their offers. We aim to reduce the amount of SPAM globally by offering this solution.


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