List Manager

Are you a list manager looking to
monetize your list?

List managers are people who compile, update, manage, and rent information including names, addresses, and additional data for use by direct email marketers and others wishing to prospect to those names or update databases.

  • Does your current ESP prevent you from sending your offers?
  • Do you have email lists either you own or manage that you just can’t find the right offers/advertisements for?
  • Do your emails get blocked and you have no insight as to why?

Emercury allows you to create campaigns with your offers/advertisements, upload your lists, clean those lists using our Hygiene service, check the html and urls within the html against spam checkers, preview the html in multiple email clients, and then mail those campaigns with ease.

Don’t have offers or having trouble finding the right ones?

Emercury allows you to focus on managing your lists and list relationships and in turn partners with companies to integrate offers into your email campaigns seamlessly.

With a few clicks you can import your list, clean your list, and schedule your campaign. Then Emercury automatically inserts the most optimal offer to be displayed to your recipient resulting in the highest payout per click.

We even provide you with an ECPM reporting tool so you can see which campaigns are making you money and alerting you when you are not.

Our team of Delivery Managers will look at your first test send and create a customized ramp up based on your data performance. This will allow you to get the highest inbox and highest volume sent.

Start making money with Emercury today –