Provides FREE Tools to Make Email Marketing Easy and Effective

  • Emercury gives you FREE tools to help you become a profitable
    email marketer:
  • Easy-to-use autoresponder
  • FREE 2,000 Email Monthly
  • FREE materials on how to grow your list

Easy-to-use autoresponders

Emercury designed a 5-step process to guide marketers in developing their Autoresponders.

  • Step 1: Name your Autoresponder and schedule when it will be sent
  • Step 2: Choose the list to which you will send it
  • Step 3: Create your message using our WYSIWYG Editor
  • Step 4: Check your tracking

That’s it! You will see all your Autoresponders in one page.

FREE 2,000 Emails Monthly

Emercury is the only mass email marketing service that gives you 2,000 FFREE emails monthly.

No Credit Card required.

FREE materials on how to grow your list

You will have access to materials and monthly newsletter containing tips on how to grow your list for FREE!

You will get:

  • Latest stats and studies about email marketing.
  • New technologies and new strategies to increase response rate.
  • New opportunities for email marketers and more.