Email API Sending Plans

Have a website or web application that needs an email API? You’ve come to the right place. Connect to our easy to configure email API service.

Choose an Email API Sending Plan to fit your sending needs:

$79.00 /mo
Unlimited Subscribers**
.79 /thousand
$325.00 /mo
Unlimited Subscribers**
.65 /thousand
1 million
$515.00 /mo
Unlimited Subscribers**
.515 /thousand
2 million
$915.00 /mo
Unlimited Subscribers**
.4575 /thousand
5 million
$1650.00 /mo
Unlimited Subscribers**
.33 /thousand

* Overages are based on the cost per thousand (emails) of that plan.

** Unlimited Contacts – Never have to worry about counting contacts again like with those other guys. Upload as many contacts as you want.

Whats included with your paid account

  • Delivery Analysis to help you get your emails to the inbox
  • Delivery Management to help you optimize your lists, content and volume.
  • Customized Ramp Up
  • FBL Managment
  • Advanced Delivery Alert Notifications
  • Easy to use tools to help you create your email marketing messages, AB split testing, List Management, List Segmentation, Analytics, and content scoring.
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Unlimited Users
  • Full API

5 Star customer service

Work with specialists of our team every step of the way. They know every part of Emercury, how to optimize your lists, get your emails to the inbox, optimize your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you work with me to ramp up my delivery volume?
Yes your delivery manager will work with you to achieve your goals at no extra cost.
What ISPs do your deliver the best with?
Delivery is based on engagement. The better engagement you are getting per ISP the better delivery you will get with that ISP. We will help optimize your list to increase your inboxing with each ISP.
What types of payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards. We also accept wires and check payments.
Do you sell lists of subscribers?
No, we don’t sell lists and we strongly suggest you don’t purchase a list. Purchased lists have been sold so many times that they don’t perform. We also don’t allow purchased lists in our system.
Why are your rates higher than the other guys?
We not only provide you with a platform but we also provide you with delivery management which is tied into your rate. The other guys charge you for that separately. We feel its important to provide this service to every account.
Is there a contract?
There are no long-term contracts however we do offer discounts with contracts.
Do you allow direct mail advertising?
We do allow direct mail advertising as long as you have all the optin information required to mail your subscribers. These are required at import of your list.
Do you provide a post url string we can use to upload our subscribers?
Yes, provide a post url string for uploading subscribers as well as a full rest api for gathering statistics, uploading campaigns, and creating lists. Check out our API doc here
  • Discounts Discounts We offer a 15% discount to non-profits and charities. Sign up for an account, then send us an email that includes a link to your organization’s web site.
  • No Commitments No Commitments All our plans are Month-Month. If you are unsatisfied at anytime you have the option to stop the service or move into a pay per send plan.

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