Subscriber Plans

What is a Subscriber Plan? Subscriber plans are based on the amount of subscribers you have in your account and not based on how many times you send an email. Each Subscriber is only counted 1 time no matter how many lists they are on.

Check out our competitive Email Marketing Software prices:

Subscribers Sending Limit Price


1-499  unlimited* $19.00 Signup
500-2,499  unlimited* $29.00 Signup
2,500-4,999  unlimited* $44.00 Signup
5,000-9,999  unlimited* $64.00 Signup
10,000-24,999  unlimited* $144.00 Signup


25,000-49,999 400,000 $275.00 Signup
50,000-74,999  600,000 $412.00 Signup
75,000-99,999  800,000 $550.00 Signup
100,000-124,999  1,000,000 $687.00 Signup
125,000-149,999  1,200,000** $825.00 Signup
150,000-174,999 1,400,000** $962.00 Signup
175,000-199,999  1,600,000** $1,100.00 Signup
200,000-224,999  1,800,000** $1237.00 Signup
225,000-249,999  2,000,000** $1375.00 Signup
250,000-274,999  2,200,000** $1,512.00 Signup
275,000-299,999  2,400,000** $1,650.00 Signup
300,000-324,999  2,600,000** $1,787.00 Signup
325,000-349,999  2,800,000** $1,925.00 Signup
350,000-374,999  3,000,000** $2,062.00 Signup
375,000-399,999  3,200,000** $2,200.00 Signup
400,000-424,999  3,400,000** $2,337.00 Signup
425,000-449,999  3,600,000** $2,475.00 Signup
450,000-474,999  3,800,000** $2,612.00 Signup
475,000-499,999  4,000,000** $2,750.00 Signup
Need a Plan with no subscriber limits? View Plans

If you have more than 500,000 subscribers and send lots of emails each month, we have plans with no subscriber limits made just for you. They include special attention for your email deliverability and extra support from us.

*Unlimited for qualified mailer outline can be found in our terms

**Dedicated Delivery Analyst

Whats included with your paid account

  • Unlimited Email Automations to simplify your lead generation processes.
  • Unlimited Autoresponders to put your messaging on autopilot
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing Increase the performance of every campaign by testing multiple variants based on subjects, from names and content.
  • Delivery Analysis to help you get your emails to the inbox
  • Delivery Management to help you optimize your lists, content and volume.
  • Customized Ramp Up
  • FBL Managment
  • Advanced Delivery Alert Notifications
  • Superior customer service and help videos
  • Full API

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you work with me on integrating my forms to submit my leads directly into Emercury?
Yes our support team will work with you to get you integrated seamlessly. Once you are setup then its just tweaking your messaging which you should have no problems doing on your own.
What ISPs do your deliver the best with?
Delivery is based on engagement. The better engagement you are getting per ISP the better delivery you will get with that ISP. We will help optimize your list to increase your inboxing with each ISP.
What types of payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards. We also accept wires and check payments.
Do you sell lists of subscribers?
No, we don’t sell lists and we strongly suggest you don’t purchase a list. Purchased lists have been sold so many times that they don’t perform. We also don’t allow purchased lists in our system.
What is Email Automation?
Email automation is a tool we have to allow you to automate workflows of emails. Basically from the time the email gets added to your list all the way through the lead nurturing process can be automated.
Is there a contract?
There are no long-term contracts however we do offer discounts with contracts.
Do you allow direct mail advertising?
We do allow direct mail advertising as long as you have all the opt-in information required to mail your subscribers. These are required at import of your list. We have suggestions on how this can be done effectively with automation workflows.
Do you provide list hygiene?
Yes, we have list hygiene integrated directly within our panel. You can clean on import or afterwards.
  • Discounts Discounts We offer a 15% discount to non-profits and charities. Sign up for an account, then send us an email that includes a link to your organization’s web site.
  • No Commitments No Commitments All our plans are Month-Month. If you are unsatisfied at anytime you have the option to stop the service or move into a pay per send plan.

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