This function is used to import contacts into audience from file uploa ded to ftp, from file located on your server or from the x ml itself.

Required fields are:
– ID o f audience to import. – path to file with subscribers. You can set any path available by url or full path on your server or
path to the file on ftp if you requested for ftp account.
– email of customer that will be added.
– if it is set to 1, then system will look for the file on Emercury server (file should be uploaded and
you should have correct value ). If it is set to 0, then system will look for the file by link that is set in or on your server.

You can also add subscribers to the xml file directly:
– leave attribute empty;
– add another tag that will hold emails in thi s format:,”01/01/1970″,”″,””,”First name”,”La st name”,”01/01/1970″,”″,””,”First name”,”Last name”

fields separators should be commas and each email from new line
– keep values in tag in a same order that you are going to use for fields in the list.